Roosh Pulls an Agree and Amplify

The Agree and Amplify (A&A, not to be confused with AA for Approach Anxiety) is an exceptionally powerful tool of verbal banter and should be on the short list of any gamer’s travel toolbox.

A technique that has long been in vogue among sarcastics and comedians, A&A is well-described in this classic Roissy post where he subtitles it the “anti-shit test counterinsurgency.”

The idea is that when you get a shit test or other form of accusatory query, instead of pivoting away from the questioner’s frame as most guys would do, respond by “leaning in” to the punch and agreeing with the premise in an overplayed manner.

GIRL: “Why didn’t you call last night? Are you dating someone else?”
YOU: “Yep, I’ve got a harem to service. Be happy you’re in the top tier.”


GIRL: “Are you just going to sit around all day playing video games?”

YOU: “Damn straight. With enough hard work I should be able to push this to a full month.”


GIRL: “Did you miss me when I was gone?”

YOU: “Oh yeah, I wanted to kill myself.”


GIRL: “Does my butt look big?”

YOU: “Yeah, it’s huge. Just more cushion for the pushin’.”

I’ve been told by people in LTRs that A&A is as useful in a relationship as it is the first night you meet a girl. You never want to get pinned into a frame where you are defending yourself; as long as the spectre of your unworth is on her mind, the slippery slope will cut you down.

Keoni Galt (Dave from Hawai’i in this iconic Roissy post just one day after the A&A post) riffed on A&A in a post of his own and traced it to the now-defunct blog “The Reality Method” – check the Wayback Machine if you want to see the originals of some very good content.

I’ve found personally that A&A is equally effective with feminine nice girls as it is with hardened feminist girls, providing a Schroedinger-like superposition of rhetorical authority and irreverent silliness that imbues a robust imprimatur of social savvy. Master this tactic and you’ll get a lot of those textbook arm slaps that show she is tingling.

A&A is even present in one of the classic AMOG destroyer routines, ceding the group’s attention to the AMOG interrupter – “oh that’s totally cool man, why don’t you tell us all about it?” – and allowing him to “talk himself out.”

Radio host Rush Limbaugh, the most impactful broadcaster of our generation (whatever you think of his views is irrelevant to this post), has long made “illustrating absurdity by being absurd” a principle of his program. One example of this was “the Environmental Wacko method of picking NFL games” where pro football winners were predicted by subjecting the franchises to value judgments in fashion with the era’s environment consciousness movement. (In one instance the Seahawks were chosen over the Bears because the Seahawk was indisputably brilliant to force its way into the NFL despite not existing as a species.)

“Illustrating absurdity by being absurd” is a reasonable way to describe the A&A, in that it disarms another’s false contentions by taking them to their illogical conclusion.

One could probably make an argument that due to its sarcastic nature the A&A is a subset or overlap of the Cocky-Funny game style, but I’ll leave it to someone of greater philosophical interest to compare/contrast/subsume/separate them.

I noticed recently that Roosh had pulled an A&A on his site Return Of Kings by styling his post signatures as follows:

“About Roosh

Roosh is an ugly misogynist with massive mommy issues. He created ROK in October 2012 because he has no friends. Currently he is traveling the world to have bad sex with poor girls who want to use him for an American greencard. His little penis is so ineffective at satisfying women that he has had to master the art of cunnilingus. It is absolutely certain that he will die alone in a basement alongside his massive porn collection. Sadly, his right hand is irreversibly deforming into a claw shape from excessive masturbation, causing him sharp pains when he types up one of his offensive rants. You can visit his sexist blog at or follow him on Twitter and Facebook.”

In case you hadn’t picked up, he’s agreeing and amplifying against a dozen boilerplate feminist critiques of game sites and male social discussion in general.

I found it all the more humorous given that Roosh had never really preached or practiced a style of verbal gamesmanship in his game writings, rather pushing the “vibe” of polished intellectual and cultural values and bold, direct writing. To see him get cheeky was thus all the funnier.

Agree and Amplify – learn it, know it, live it.


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9 responses to “Roosh Pulls an Agree and Amplify

  1. Great history lesson! That’s one think that troubles me (not that how life works is my decision). The evolution of seduction and really Masculine Theory can’t be appreciated without the data of what and when the contributions were made. We are re-learning ancient wisdom and making it better with the scientific method. After watching the video on Islam posted by Aurini, I can see a potential setback on the horizon. The pain for a lack of human husbandry skills by free men over their families as patriarchs is essentially infinite. Pain steels and forges, but what waste in time and effort and suffering. Nature and hypergamy don’t care. I kneel on the shoulders of giants more than I’ll ever know. We are kneeling more than we are standing, but our cultural force seems to be moving in the right direction to get there. lulzlullzlulzzzz

  2. Yeah, I saw that a week or so ago at work and LOL like a psycho. Good times.

  3. Thanks for the linkage, Badger!
    I’ve found personally that A&A is equally effective with feminine nice girls as it is with hardened feminist girls, providing a Schroedinger-like superposition of rhetorical authority and irreverent silliness that imbues a robust imprimatur of social savvy.

    Works on all females, young and old alike. Sisters, cousins, aunts and grandmas. Females eat it up.

  4. jimmyhendricks87

    If there was ever a “magic bullet” in game, A&A is it. Low cost/difficulty, high return.

  5. fdg

    basically reductio ad absurdum

  6. i really dislike agree & amplify as a frame control tool. it can create the bad habit of jumping into the other person’s frame, and you can end up putting yourself down. in my opinion a much better technique is to answer the question with a deeper question. this “mirror” effect bounces the light back onto the other person, their hostility, and their embedded issues. i posted a quick example on my blog months ago:

    briefly, i was trying to make a joke on twitter, and someone named banks got hostile.

    banks: why does dagonet even have a girlfriend?
    riv: so banks you don’t believe in love?

    notice the mirror bounce back effect? the focus is back on him, his issues and insecurities. in contrast,an example of an A&A reply would be more like, “yeah, girls are gross haha” or whatever. it is just lazy, and like i said, potentially dangerous. much better to train yourself to identify the underlying issue, bring it to light, and stun the other person with your deep insight. the other person will feel naked, or understood. either way, you showcase your psychological mastery and win the frame.

    anyway, i love frame control talk. i am up for it anytime.

  7. roissy wrote about this several times. i found one post:

    he also prefers the reframe to A&A.

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