A Coda To Yesterday’s Holiday Post

In addition to my post about various holiday survival tactics, a commenter at Alpha Game provides the keystone:

“Top it all off by giving her a good HARD pounding after all the family leaves.”

One of the shames of the over-planned holiday season is how it can sap the libido of a couple and draw their focus completely away from one another, when after a happy Christmastime celebration is the perfect time to have a spirited lovemaking session. Any good gamesman should be arranging for big emotional events to end in epic poundings rather than feckless exhaustion.

I would add but one piece of strategic gaming to this advice: tell her that someone whose opinion she’s concerned about (her sister, or your mother, or a neighbor in attendance) said it was a fantastic party. Something, anything to make the whole thing worthwhile to her in her mind and make it OK to turn off the “Christmas party batshit crazy.”


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3 responses to “A Coda To Yesterday’s Holiday Post

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  2. I’d say: don’t commit to a woman who goes bat shit crazy over Christmas and similar commercial holidays.

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