Game As Part Of Your Attraction Palette

Yesterday’s post on the axioms of game-oriented thinking brought out some good discussion, and while I don’t want to start a debate that’s destined to fail, I think it’s prudent to discuss what game is and isn’t so that readers know what I’m getting at when I talk about the assumptions that underlie any game-based strategy.

As a shorthand, talking about a guy’s “game” can refer to his overall success with women – the quality of woman he’s attracting and how frequently he has women in his life. But for the most part, when we talk about “game” we’re talking about social behavior: how you interact with people (especially women), what that communicates about you, how it influences others’ mental states, and how it moves your goals forward (or doesn’t). In short, it’s your personality + action patterns in the social sphere.

To recap from yesterday’s post:

Axiom #1 says that a man can change his sexual market value.

Axiom #3 says that changing behavior can change a man’s sexual market value.

#1 is about agency. #3 is about game.

Game isn’t the only lever of attraction you can pull. You can trigger or modulate attraction based on a bunch of factors, including:

  • Physical constitution (height, build, facial structure, symmetry)
  • Fitness (however it’s built, a body in shape looks better and gives off better hormonal signals)
  • Earning power and access to resources
  • Social status (influence and power, plus how cool your job is)
  • Displayed ability to dominate other men (fitness) or to attract women (preselection)
  • Social ability with women, i.e. game (opening, generating interest, avoiding fitness tests, building personal connection, creating intrigue and plausible deniability, escalating effectively)

How do these things add up? It’s situational and hard to say. But boosting any of these will boost your attraction among most women.

Roissy posited a good rule of thumb that game is worth 2 points on the 10-point scale (that I don’t use, but who am I to disagree with the best). Roissy also dubbed a man who has all the other things but whose behaviors with women really suck a “paper alpha,” a guy whose status earns him an interview with top-quality girls but who lacks the social ability to do it live.


Plans to up a man’s game almost always involve addressing other areas at the same time. As an example, when Neil Strauss was training as Mystery’s protege, he also took up surfing, got Lasik eye surgery and shaved his head. Roosh’s blog and his book “Bang” advocate that men should read a lot of books and become intellectual versatile so as to have interesting things to talk about to fascinate women. (It works, btw.)

Just as an individual painting gravitates towards pastels or primary colors or whatnot, eventually all of your attraction threads start to run together thematically, because of congruence – your dress code and your social behavior and your occupational status will all have to roughly match each other or you will confuse the people you are with. You can exploit some discrepancies with contrast game, but rolling up in an American Eagle tshirt and rack jeans claiming you’re a rising executive won’t make people think you’re so alpha you don’t have to care about appearances – it will just make people think you’re a poser or the COO of your friend’s trucking business.


It’s interesting to note that a lot of the LTR/married game promulgated by Athol Kay and others is not really about game as much as it’s about creating an environment conducive to the orderly household and regular sex life that should be the standards by which any marriage is judged. That means articulating boundaries and roles, staying fit, holding a job and advancing in it, keeping the house maintained, and parenting adequately. Athol himself refocused his blog recently on “structural factors” instead of sexy move advice, saying that in a married context, most attraction will be structural in origin (once you’ve eliminated low-status behavior like failing fitness tests).

Generally speaking, you’ll be limited by your weakest element. As women scan for reasons to eliminate you, the quality of woman you can get will hinge on getting her to look past your lowest-value dimension, and you can only compensate for a weak link so much. If you’re out of shape or your game sucks, that’s not hard to fix, but if you want to double your income, you have a much tougher task ahead of you. The good news is that middle-class employment+fitness+game can get you regular access to the “7” category and that meets a lot of guys’ needs.

If you are constrained by your weakest link, what about those people you know who have shitty game but get quality girls because they are really good-looking, or super tall (height works for sure), or have big money? Well, the generalization has limits – you can be so superlative in one area that some of the other stuff really doesn’t matter.

And don’t forget that lots of women find some particular thing about guys irresistible. Like she’s just really got it bad for tall guys, or guys with stubble, or she’s always wanted to date a firefigher, or her dad was a cop, etc. Sometimes one trait hits a hindbrain nerve that won’t be reasoned with. Men have exactly this too – with some women, a man can find himself irrevocably captivated by her boobs or her hair or the tone of her voice. I wouldn’t use that as a strategy though. Emphasize your top strengths, cover all your bases as best you can and don’t neglect your game, and you can be confident you’re pulling what you “should” get in the marketplace.


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27 responses to “Game As Part Of Your Attraction Palette

  1. Opus

    I still remain utterly unconvinced, and won’t repeat my arguments, so let me retail a story I have discussed elsewhere but from a different point of view. A couple of weeks ago I picked up a woman in the street. From a Game point of view this is what I did:

    1. I guessed where she came from (rather than asking) i.e.demonstrating confidence
    2. Having left her I ensured that I bumped into her a few minutes later ,t o her pleasure thus giving the impression that we knew ourselve better than we did i.e. time distillation
    3. I suggested that we go off and have coffee rather than ask with some vague future meeting i.e. controlloing the frame with lost of confidence.

    4. n meeting her agian the second time I pulled her into my arrms with a kiss and lots of touch i.e. escalating.

    Now you may say thaat i am using game, but I have got to tell you that this was ewntirely instinctual, and without premeditttaion.

  2. Thanks for the link love Badger.

  3. Mark

    Game is just one way to attract women. Like you said, looks and income can matter too. I find as I get older, game is less effective. Older women have been through the alpha bad boys and are getting a bit tired of them so acting like the beta provider type is more effective with them. So if I listened to the
    advice of some 25 year old guy on how he’s successful with women, it just would be stupid because I’m not dealing with the same age group of females.
    I think people who say game doesn’t work have tried using it in areas where it’s not applicable or haven’t adapted it to the type of women they are dealing with. I could easily see a situation in the future where the economy gets so bad that any guy with a job will look good to women and game becomes less useful. Right now, though, women are still chasing alpha males
    so either being an alpha male or being able to mimic one by learning game is the best way to go for most younger guys.

  4. Opus,

    I still have no idea what you think I am trying to convince you of. I’ve laid out a number of premises; why don’t you list one and state clearly “I believe this assertion to be false”?


    Thanks for commenting. You make a very cogent observation. I think what you’re finding is that frat-guy game, which relies on over-the-top displays of social dominance and a hint of boorishness, is less effective, which is normal as women age.

    Remember though, don’t confuse women wanting to couple up with a guy with them being attracted, i.e. sexually turned on, by him. Plenty of women get nervous as their fertility starts to wane and get all spun up about landing a beta provider, then years later reveal they never really were into him, they just needed a guy to marry so they could have a chair when the music stopped and laugh at their spinster friends. In this way beta game can backfire, so it’s important to understand how to turn those women on – their libidos don’t turn off at age 28 for sure.

    I’ve found that some good emotional game – essentially one-on-one romance of a more traditional script – can really work on an older woman who has no interest in a high-fiving, popped-collar douchebag type. But it’s still a form of game, because I’m getting her interested with my personality even though I’m selling more of a comfort-and-cuddle vibe (which includes a bit of cash flash to flex some value).

    “I could easily see a situation in the future where the economy gets so bad that any guy with a job will look good to women and game becomes less useful.”

    Roosh has said he saw this in Eastern Europe, beta game is a big win – but it’s comfort game underlying a guy they are attracted to.

  5. greenlander

    Roosh has said he saw this in Eastern Europe, beta game is a big win – but it’s comfort game underlying a guy they are attracted to.

    I gave up living in the United States and expatriated to Siberia. Here, “beta game” can actually work. The life here is harsh enough that having a high income and just being a stand-up guy can catch sevens and eights.

    There are also few fat chicks. That, combined with Slavic beauty of the girls here gives them a 1-2 point advantage. You could take a five here and she would be a 6.5 in the west. So, the seven you can catch easily here is an eight in the west.

    But you can’t be a total wuss. Russian girls have their own “girl game” that puts their western sisters to shame. It’s the way because their life demands it: catching a good man is serious business here. It’s not like the west where it’s optional because Big Government will support you if you mess it up. You can be an upper-beta, but if you drop the ball in a big way you’re done. You don’t have to be a “popped-collar douche” to get young twentysomethings like you have to be in the west, but you must be a solid stand-up guys with a real prospect in life.

  6. I think it needs to be noted that these different aspects of attractivness are not created equal, and that this imbalance is particularly cruel to the “paper alpha” of high outward-appearing status and weak game.

    Since game is a hidden factor where the others are largely overt, the paper alpha puts off the people in his real range, and is given opportunity mostly at levels where he can’t hack it.

    Heartiste noted that women want to be with a man less good-looking than them, and along with some of the other Manosphere writer’s material on “good looking guy game”, it seems a lot of girls will pre-reject guys that appear out of their league as a defense mechanism, and that beta behaviors are particularly noticed and punished when there’s a significant gap in the observable aspects of SMV.

    Meanwhile, the paper alpha will be get his true SMV found out by the higher-level girls who do let him in based on the outward appearances, but whose tingle fades quickly as the guy fails to escalate and lets his inner beta show.

    It probably also causes some terrible knock-on effects for the entire SMP when a woman thinks about paper alphas she’s been able to attract and reject, since she’ll hamsterbate about how she definitely could’ve pulled Mr. Tall, Handsome and Successful – but there wasn’t “chemistry” (because he lacked game), failing to acknowledge that the reason he was available and going for her was that very lack of game.

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  8. I’m gratified to see these ideas more and more throughout the manosphere.

    A while back I kept harping on the fact that not all attraction boils down to confidence on the Roissy blog, and for my efforts got my comments deleted and edited and delayed for days. I felt so strongly about it that I wrote a series of at least 10 posts on my blog hammering home what I thought were blatantly obvious truths of attractions.

    Roissy has brilliant insights and strategies, but the fact that game is not an equal replacement for other traits and does not by itself stand in for all other traits is a bit of a religious attitude. He is a bit of a zealot that way – in line with the church of RSD Nation. Everything is attitude!

    So I’m glad to see that religious fervor has not spread, and that a realistic approach to reality is prevailing.

  9. Lad


    How did you open the conversation? Have you ever passed up an opportunity because you couldn’t think of something to get her attention?

    Have you ever started a conversation with a strange girl and then your mind went completely blank? Awkward silence not because the conversation died but because she was sitting there looking gorgeous waiting patiently for you to say something?

    Have you ever had an intense desire to kiss a woman failed due to crippling anxiety, and the only advice from others is to just man up and go for it? (With a chorus of others screeching to absolutely NOT go for the kiss and wait for her to signal clearly)

  10. Lad

    Heartiste noted that women want to be with a man less good-looking than them, and along with some of the other Manosphere writer’s material on “good looking guy game”, it seems a lot of girls will pre-reject guys that appear out of their league as a defense mechanism, and that beta behaviors are particularly noticed and punished when there’s a significant gap in the observable aspects of SMV.

    Another issue is that even if a girl doesn’t pre-reject the more attractive guy they may both find out the truth the hard way when he fails to be aroused by foreplay. I think it’s very likely that men use their own physical attributes and quality as a subconscious baseline when responding to women.

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  12. sid316

    What the fuck is the deal with height on all the manosphere? It’s like short men have no hope, like they are doomed in this game…height is always at no. 1 on the looks scale. I’m 5’4” and it really angers me. It’s like men and women not only dislike short men, but hate them. Please reply with opionions and advice.

  13. deti

    Badger, xsplat:

    One of those irrefutable truths is: fat guys aren’t attractive physically. The fatter he is, the less attractive he is and the more it overshadows his other traits.

    Being fat does not hurt men’s attractiveness as much as it hurts that of women. But fat, out of shape men aren’t going to do as well as fit, in shape men. They just won’t.

  14. Lad

    Assuming sid is anot a troll,

    Height isn’t the number one factor of attraction, but it is one of the few obvious baises that women regularly admit to having and which is often borne out by their behavior. It’s an easy one to list and comes to mind quickly, which is why you see it all the time. But like pretty much everything else, it’s only one of many factors.

    Great posture and body language is probably one of the best advantages a shorter man can have. Quite frequently tall guys habitually slouch, lean in, hunch their shoulders, or display similar beta body language. This happens over years of not fitting into chairs, being too high up to hear any of the conversation, or being sensitive to intimidating people.

  15. sid316

    Thanks for your response Lad. I’m not a troll.

    I have definitely been bitter about this. But if I am to take something from these great blogs, it is that as an attractive man I will have to let go of all insecurities and develop an irrational self-confidence. I’m 22 and I’m getting there…but I feel the height of unfairness now and then.

    I am in excellent shape and have better body language than most. Will continue to work on it.

  16. Isaac Jordan


    I understand how you feel. I’m 5’6″, and for most of my life I was incredibly self-conscious about my height. It made learning game much tougher. No matter how hard I tried to fake it, I just couldn’t get my inner game right. I never truly believed that I deserved the beautiful girl I was talking with, and it showed all too easily through my behavior.

    The trick, for me, was immense self-improvement, as often prescribed in blogs such as this one. In the three years since discovering game, I have:

    -graduated from college and accepted a high-paying sales job at a Fortune 100 company,
    -taken three years of Chinese (planning a trip there next fall),
    -gotten in the best shape of my life, through weight training and yoga three nights a week while eating better and getting more sleep,
    -created a social network in the town I live in, and moved in with two friends a few blocks from downtown,
    -invested in a new haircut and wardrobe,
    -developed interesting hobbies, like tennis and hunting

    You get the idea. And now, man, I’m telling ya, I’m on top of the fucking world. I wake up every day and it’s the best goddamn day of my life. I may be short, but put my life up next to most guys our age and 90% of the time theirs is nowhere near as interesting as mine. And suddenly, I’m pulling girls I never thought possible. Not 10s or anything, but consistent 7s, maybe an 8 every now and then.

    And for the first time in my life, I am ridiculously, impossibly happy. I have created an amazing life for myself, and even without a woman in it I’m able to really enjoy each day. Just knowing I have the ability to attract women makes me more confident going into every interaction, and watching that ability improve over the months makes my mouth water at the idea of being 30 and having ten years of practicing game/saving money/eating well and working out/etc under my belt.

    The truth is, quality women will always go for quality guys, and height is a big part of determining quality for women. They can’t help it; like our desire for nice tits and a tight ass, it’s simply coded in their DNA. You and I will never be top 10% in height, so we are forced to make up for it in other ways. Work on your strengths, minimize your weaknesses (pro tip: invest in a pair of boots), and never stop grinding. Live an amazing lifestyle, and eventually you will start looking at people and thinking to yourself, “Are they cool enough to be part of my kickass life? Are they worth my time? What does she bring to the table? If better be good.”

    It’s the greatest feeling ever. And trust me, it’s more than worth the effort.

  17. Nupnupnup

    @lad: this is one of the things that annoy me the most about the whole gamosphere. It ultimately boils down to “man up and here’s a list of things you should avoid” (most of which I can actually relate too) but in the end, the fact remains that if you have crippling anxiety, this whole thing is pretty much useless.

    I am, in many ways, Roissy’s paper alpha – well paid job with one of the most prestigious companies around, in decent shape (I could use more muscles, but as an ectomorph its a tough thing), decent looks, decent dress (in business I only wear tailored suits and well made English shoes, in leisure I rarely ever wear anything below khakis). Does not help a damn thing, because ultimately, the anxiety kills any game I might know on a theoretical level.

    Therapy seems to be mostly useless (ultimately, its a very sophisticated way of saying get over it in many more ways) and meds ged rid of the baseline anxiety alright (not approach anxiety specifically though) but also kill libido and motivation to do anything (not that I am the most motivated or horny person to begin with).

    To put it in another way: For me, it would likely be easier to go and try doubling my income (ok, right now might be a tad challenging with all of finance shedding jobs, but in 2007 it would have definitely been true) rather than learning and applying game.

  18. OffTheCuff

    Sid, you want to click on that dannyfrom504 link on the right, and reasses your problems with height.

  19. Andy


    The elephant in the room is that a man’s race matters a lot to his success.

    An Asian man who is high on all other metrics still will not be able to pull attractive white women.

    A white guy with just a middling job still gets attractive women of all races.

    In other words, an Asian guy’s Game has to be in the 95th percentile to compete with a white guy with 50th percentile Game. This is less true than years ago, but still is a huge factor.

    No discussion of an ‘attraction palette’ is complete without an honest discussion of this.

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  21. sid316

    Isaac, I appreciate the upbeat and inspiring reply. I’m happy to hear that you are at a good place in life, wish you the best for the future as well.

    I have started developing myself in this way since last year. I am very fit, interesting, intelligent and well-to-do. I don’t have a great social circle or any hobbies worth boasting about ( I will try to grow in those areas ). I believe that I am worth it; more than many guys around me, I am worth it: but girls don’t this so and any human being will eventually be effected by that.

    Women don’t feel feminine around a smaller man; women don’t feel safe around a short man; women are amused by small men; women don’t respect short men; women hate short men. I put myself in their shoes. Facing the truth hurts a lot, as I know I can’t change it.

    Btw, I don’t want a nice ass and big tits, I don’t expect it…I just want to feel like a man, that’s it. I’m more than happy with 4s 5s 6s. I’m more than happy with other guys considering me a at least a competitive male in a club. I’m more than happy with having a girl that doesn’t mind showing me off to her friends.

    One has to control his mind and focus on being happy. Applying oneself, draining oneself to gain the attentions of a woman, and perhaps if all goes well getting down to sex (even then a short man has to prove his worth, there has to be a performance; to prove to her that she is infact with an adequate man and she was not duped into going home with an undesirable man). Game does not make every man happy, fighting an uphill battle is not fun, it’s not noble, it won’t lead to a happy ending.

    Why do I desire to be sucessful with women? Why can’t I just go with the flow? Why do I put myself into pain by reading these blogs which further confirm the ugly truth? Why do I apply myself again and again, inflicting pain on myself everyday? Is sex worth being depressed? These are the questions which some of us have to ask ourselves.

    I sound pathetic, like someone you would not want to have anything to do with. I might even sound like an omega. Guys, my game is solid. I know what I’m doing.

    I hope another short man doesn’t read this comment. It will ruin his day. Sorry in advance.

  22. sid316

    This last post came out a little too pessimistic. I want to tell you a little about me.

    I’m 5’4”; when in a social setting, I work the room. I dominate, I stand out, I make people crack up, whilst displaying my appeal and higher value.

    I’m 5’4”; on a night out, my attire is enviable, my body language is impeccable, my smile is charming, and my game is flawless.

    I’m 5’4”; In my apt. you will find the remarkable pieces from ard the world which display my genuine interests, hobbies, acheivments and distinguished tastes.

    When I deadlift and squat enormous weights, the whole gym pauses and does a collective second take. Upon passing people in everyday life, I look them in the eye, until they avert their gaze. I am 5’4”; and I am every inch a man.

    I’m 5’4”; When I interact with women, I make them horny. Horny (pre-horny?) for the masculine. But not me masculine, the other guy masculine, the-guy-who isn’t-half-as-good-as-me masculine.

    I’m 5’4”; my spells in the game have been, like my humour, dry.

    Isaac, bro, I did not do justice to your post. You speak from your experience and you speak the truth. You have worked harder than most and you have made the most of your life, and you will beat the odds. If people like Oscar Pistorius can run relay races in the Olympics without legs, then who am I to say someone cannot achieve sucess in any field that they truly wish to excel in.

    I feel bitter at times, but I hope you guys can understand. I owe a lot to the manosphere bloggers who unselfishly help others to become masters of their fates, myself included. (I am aware of danny’s blog as well, OffTheCuff)


  23. Isaac Jordan


    I’d really enjoy chatting with you more sometime. There seems to be a dearth of “short guy game” around the ‘sphere; perhaps we can help each other out in the meantime. Feel free to email me: isaacjordan1855 AT gmail DOT com.

    “Women don’t feel feminine around a smaller man; women don’t feel safe around a short man; women are amused by small men; women don’t respect short men; women hate short men.”

    You seem to have this mindset of “I’m short, girls don’t like short guys, there’s nothing I can do about it, sucks to be me, why bother trying.” I used to feel EXACTLY like that. Like no matter how much I worked on improving myself, I’d always be less of a man than my buddies who were 6’+. Like no matter how awesome I became, women would never be attracted to me, because I’m “a short guy”. Every time I’d start to get somewhere with a hot girl, this little voice in the back of my head would whisper, “You’ll never pull this off. Why would this beautiful woman choose YOU with all these tall, attractive men around? Might as well not even bother.” I never really BELIEVED in myself, or in my worth as a man. It seems to me you feel the same way.

    You’re letting your height define you as a “short guy,” instead of letting your dreams/talents/achievements, or yourself for that matter, define you as something else. You seem convinced that nothing you say or do will be able to change how women perceive you. Sid, that’s simply not true.

    You’re missing the entire point of Game: that the way you interact with people can change how they feel about you. That the way you FRAME your world can have deep, lasting impacts on your life and your relationships with women. Your frame right now is one of negativity. Your identity is “short guy,” when it sounds like with your above-average lifestyle, your identity could be so much more.

    I’m telling you, it’s ENTIRELY possible for women to be attracted to shorter guys. I’m proof of that (and Danny, and Xsplat, etc.) But you gotta believe in yourself first before you can start to convince women of that fact. You’re nearly there, man, but it’s like the red pill is stuck in your throat and you’re struggling to push it down.

    Your negative attitude is like quicksand, slowly pulling you down into the muck. And it seems like the harder you fight, the more heavily the negativity weighs against your soul, dragging you down. One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do is struggle to get myself back onto dry land, and to force myself to wake up every day with a positive energy and a desire to get out there and make the world my bitch.

    All the self-help knowledge in the world will do nothing if your attitude isn’t right. If you don’t truly, 100% believe in the value of the product you’re selling, you’ll never move it off the shelves. Some guys are able to fake this confidence easily enough until it becomes real; some guys, like myself, need to have concrete evidence of their worth in order to convince themselves of their high status. If I were you, my number one priority would be on simply changing my mindset from a doom-and-gloom, Charlie Brown, women-don’t-like-me-and-that-will-never-change mindset into a I’m-5’4″-but-I’m-the-baddest-mofo-in-this-place-and-any-bitch-would-be-lucky-to-suck-my-dick attitude. It’s simple, but difficult.

    That being said, here are a few pieces of advice I’d give another short guy trying improve his game (i.e. things that have worked well for me):

    1. Don’t even bother with women taller than you; always game women your height or shorter.

    It’s not that women aren’t attracted to short guys; it’s that women aren’t attracted to guys SHORTER THAN THEY ARE.

    Read that last sentence again. That was a game-changer for me. After years of hitting on hot girls, regardless of height, I started focusing solely on girls shorter than me, and immediately saw an improvement in my results. Chicks are attracted to TALLER men, but that doesn’t mean you have to be TALL. If you’re hitting on a chick that’s 5’1’, in her eyes you will be “tall” and thus more attractive. Seems obvious, but I’m telling you, it’s money. Don’t bother with chicks taller than you.


    If you follow rule #1, you’re going to be cutting out at least 50% of all women out there. So when you finally meet an attractive short girl, you gotta make the interaction count. Especially if you don’t have a reliable social circle to make new connections. 3-second rule and all that. Don’t give yourself time to talk yourself out of it. See a cute short girl, immediately approach. Make it a habit.

    3. Give day game a serious effort, and minimize interactions where you’re easily compared to other (taller) men.

    As short guys, we gotta make the best out of a less-than-optimal situation. And that means competing in places that maximize our strengths and minimize our weaknesses. At a bar/nightclub/party, you’ll most likely be surrounded by dozens of guys at your height or above. And in that type of atmosphere, where women are generally looking for a hook-up and will focus more on height/looks/sex appeal, you will be fighting an uphill battle.

    Instead, day game. Coffee shops, bookstores, malls, anywhere. It will be a different sort of difficult, and bangs will come more slowly, but it’s a lot easier for guys like us to strike up conversations with girls and actually have them progress somewhere. At a nightclub, you’re just some other guy, and the height differential will only be made starker when you’re packed in next to dozens of other dudes who will almost always be taller than you. At a Starbucks at 2 p.m. on a Wednesday, you could be that in-shape, well-dressed man who surprises a girl with interesting stories of your high-value lifestyle (who just happens to be a bit on the short side).

    It’s all about finding your niche. It sounds like you’re well on your way to becoming a well-rounded man, and if you can continue the overall life improvements while adopting a positive, can-do attitude, I think you’ll find that it’s actually your head, not your height, that’s been holding you back.

    I wish you the best of luck, Sid. And again, feel free to contact me anytime.


  24. Yeah race matters, but…

    “An Asian man who is high on all other metrics still will not be able to pull attractive white women.

    A white guy with just a middling job still gets attractive women of all races.”

    I can hear the chorus of white guys with average cubicle job everywhere say “Amen, brother!”… oh wait, the vast majority of them get absolutely nothing. Who do you think make up the majority of manosphere blogs and PUA sites?

    I’m short and Asian, I can pull and have pulled attractive white women. In fact, I mostly date white women cos they’re easy lol

    I can give you plenty of examples of Asian brothers who’ve done extremely well, but I cannot nor want to fix wilful & self-limiting blindness.

  25. RG3

    “Game” is essentially a cultural meme, in the Richard Dawkins/Susan Blackmore style. We’ve seen the meme evolve and strengthen steadily in the manosphere these 5-8 years. How much longer until it works its way into the broader culture? Every single GF I know (I”m married but have lots of single lady friends through work – which given that I speak “girl” often turns me into a bit of a relationship coach which my blog sort of affirms) espouses feminism but despises it’s outcomes – wimpy men and bad dates. I think they are ready for some man troof.

  26. LQ

    New here, and thinking I must be a bit naive….but….what happened to simply making friends with someone of the opposite sex as part of a friendship group…then your feelings gradually changing…? That’s how my (very happy) marriage got started, 18 years ago!

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