Check Out Roosh’s Interview With Virgle Kent

Manosphere blogger Virgle Kent has been writing about game for a long time – his first posts are from 2007, which makes his online persona as old as Roissy himself. VK’s focus has normally been brilliant exposition on his own game experiences (including a hilarious and intense two-part series about a fling that went bad) and attendant factors like personal style, along with a healthy dose of  bold inner game in a “me against the world” kind of way (plus hip-hop soundtracks to his posts).

RooshV just published an interview with VK in which he riffs on shifts in the mainstream praxis of game, foreign girls and his new male lifestyle website

Here’s a sample:

I disagree with the thought that game is the response to modern feminism. Feminism has been around far longer than game. I’ll tell you what, game works best on feminists, girls so assured of themselves and filled with fake confidence based on their education and careers that they never see it coming. Most feminists honestly believe that game doesn’t exist or would never work on someone like them. But in the grand scheme of things most young women are feminist in name only, because they’re alone and have nothing else to hold on to or call themselves so they use feminism to feel a part of something. So if they meet a real alpha or guy with game and it’s between him or dying alone with one cat and two eggs holding on to each other for dear life, what do you think they’ll choose? For most women, feminism is an act of convenience more than a lifestyle of faith.

One part I really liked was this:

Game has evolved into a whole theology on what it means to be a man and feel like one in today’s society. It’s about being a man during the first approach, during a relationship, and even during a marriage. The secret being it’s not really what you say but how you say it. In the future men will have to work on setting themselves apart from other men with individual aspects of their lives that will make them naturally more interesting than most guys in the bar, lounge, party, or any environment they’re trying to pick up. Self improvement will be key.

Plenty of guys (and girls) have weighed in with this “game for self-improvement” meme, and most of them are just trying to avoid looking like they are trying too hard to get laid. VK recognizes that you can build your lifestyle, take the romantic benefits that come along  with it, and not feel like a sellout or a pussy for it. (I had a similar insight in my game journey where I visualized being the kind of guy the girls I wanted would have an affair with, which kept me focused on the still-waters-run-deep kind of understated personality that works best for me – hat tip to Athol Kay for the wordsmithing there.)

He also shows a magnanimity about the typical game-running guy and the manosphere material he reads, at a time when some bloggers are quick to dismiss guys who aren’t getting results as loser herbs.

I think young guys are just being young by their nature. What comes with that is anger, and more commonly, impatience. They’re in denial because game didn’t work fast enough for them. They read the books, followed the blogs, did everything “word for word” and in 6 months, 10′s weren’t falling from the sky…Part of it is our fault. Game bloggers that show the end results. We don’t talk much about our mistakes or times we failed at a pick up, or even the many years trying to crack a certain type of situation, which is where the true lessons are learned.

Go over to and check it out, and read VK’s work here.


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9 responses to “Check Out Roosh’s Interview With Virgle Kent

  1. I love that “still waters run deep” mentality. I think I’ve been tapping it, though my inherent nature is to give away the goose before the gander so to speak.

  2. Hey bro, Thanks for the shout out and pointing to my interview and the new blog. Just wanted to inject my minor fact that I was blogging two years before Roissy started. I had another blog known in DC. So yeah in blog years I”m old as fuck.

  3. Two years? You old sailor!

  4. Crank

    “So if they meet a real alpha or guy with game and it’s between him or dying alone with one cat and two eggs holding on to each other for dear life, what do you think they’ll choose?”

    False choice there, since the issue isn’t with them making that choice but rather them choosing that guy over the beta, the male feminist or the mangina. Likewise as to some of them choosing the cats over many non-alpha types (albeit not all).

  5. Game for self-improvement… that reminds me of something.

    I got into the Game because of women – like everyone else here, I guess. Since then, I’ve been motivated or even inspired by women to improve myself in many ways. Either I wanted to be better at something so I can attract hotter tighter chicks, or less crazy ones, or have better sex with them. On some rare occasions, I’m even inspired by some of them – non-sexually – to learn something new which benefits me immensely. Nothing new, as men have been motivated by women to do a great many things as well as many great things since the dawn of time. I don’t really do the things I do for women now, but in all honesty, I started doing them at first to get women, no bullshit. I’m more successful with women now than I have ever been, and can only see that getting even better in the years to come.

    However, recently, I have noticed that, while I have met many women that motivate or inspire me to continuously develop & become a more awesome version of myself (which I’m grateful for), I have not met ONE that makes me want to be a husband & father, or hell, even a serious boyfriend!

  6. Höllenhund

    Candice’s excellent observation resonates with a comment I recently left at HUS:

    Women can and do elicit all sorts of reactions and behaviors from men. I think we can agree on that one. However, consider Western women’s typical behavior since their hypergamy has been unleashed. They elicit various responses from men: thuggery, Game, ghosting, spree-killing, porn addiction, MGTOW, you name it. One male behavior they generally more and more fail to elicit is the behavior of a responsible, dutiful husband and father. Interesting, isn’t it?

  7. Höllenhund

    Plus a similar comment by nek on Rollo’s blog:

    I think the issue with conditional love is that it doesn’t really make it worth a man’s while to invest in a woman too much knowing that there are conditions to it. You simply can’t invest too much of yourself into a woman who will leave you once a better deal comes around, or just out of emotional whim. And it seems like these days that the number of conditions seems to be growing. It’s like xsplat says, love them as they are, but once you realize what they are, it doesn’t inspire that strong of a love from a man. And it’s nowhere near the type of love that women desire from a man.

  8. Candide

    Must be part of a world-wide Patriarchal conspiracy that men of different backgrounds and from different countries all come to that same conclusion.

  9. “Must be part of a world-wide Patriarchal conspiracy that men of different backgrounds and from different countries all come to that same conclusion.”

    That’s my answer to women who tell us “well that’s just like your opinion man.” If men all over the place are seeing something, it’s probably a legitimate observation.

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