Bad Game Is Really Difficult To Watch

For most guys, it’s tough to watch another guy get rejected. It’s another matter, however, to come to an advanced understanding of game and thus be able to predict epic disasters on sight, and have to live through powerlessly watching the trainwreck.

It’s a bit like when I saw “Apollo 13,” and despite knowing no real details of the mission, I knew there was going to be a disaster somewhere. Thus the opening of the film was forty-five hellish minutes in which I tried to ignore the general tone of glee and waited for the other shoe to drop. Once the oxygen tanks blew off the side of the spacecraft, I relaxed, able to finally enjoy the sci-fact thriller I knew I had lined up to see.

I got that same feeling of nauseous anticipation when I saw “Alpha Male vs Beta Male,” a short clip commissioned by Roosh illustrating the contrast of chumpism and game. In each clip I knew the beta male was going to humiliate himself. It was all I could do to keep from covering my eyes.

The same feeling happens to me at a bar when an inveterate beta is at the next stool in vicinity of a lady, or when I see a pair on an obviously awkward “date” at the next table in a restaurant. Bad game is really difficult to watch for a number of reasons, one being that it reminds me of a bygone era of my own abject failures and not the least of which being that bad game is largely avoidable and preventable.

It is fun and interesting to hear Roosh’s exact lines from his book “Bang” said out loud by a guy on camera.


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16 responses to “Bad Game Is Really Difficult To Watch

  1. Speaker

    Yes. And bad game is much worse than no game. When I’m out with old friends, all betas or omegas, just being in the same room as a complete fail of a pick-up attempt is physically painful but when an omega friend goes on and on about some old war and its implications for medieval Europe to a girl, I just chuckle.

  2. Candide


    Bad relationship (esp marriage) game is horrifying to watch, because the stake is so much higher. When the beta involved is someone you care about, but can’t help, it is truly nauseating, as you can see what will happen to him in the near future.

    Bad cold approach game at worst will just make me cringe a little.

  3. anon

    Am I the only one who finds that “the alpha’s” approach is also rather cringe worthy?

    “Here, let me test your personality, put out your hands like this…”

    Must take a lifetime of mastering the art of self-delusion to say that kind of bullshit with a straight face.

  4. I get a bit of pleasure from seeing bad relationship game it when the guy is young tall and buff and working on a meh, and my ugly self is with a hot girl.

    Part of me wants to shake my head, and then give the guy pointers, but another part is amazed and glad that so many men with such advantages are such bumpkins.

  5. Candide,

    “Bad relationship (esp marriage) game is horrifying to watch, because the stake is so much higher. ”

    I think I take a longer view – a guy with bad approach game will probably have bad relationship game too.


    It is just unbelievable how shitty most men’s game is.

  6. “Am I the only one who finds that “the alpha’s” approach is also rather cringe worthy?”

    There’s been some talk about the acting not being top-notch, but the guy is saying all the right things. Re: the personality test, this stuff is called “chick crack” for a reason. Most women respond very favorably to cold reading techniques.

    I’ve seen a lot of guys poo-pooh the Mystery-style gambits like palm reading and state attribution based on eye movement (up-left = liar and stuff like this) and I think they’re making a big mistake. Popular psychology is not really a dude thing, but that in itself is part of the reason so many guys have shitty game – women think this stuff is really cool, and men ignore it at their peril.

  7. Infantry

    Bad game is really difficult to watch for a number of reasons, one being that it reminds me of a bygone era of my own abject failures and not the least of which being that bad game is largely avoidable and preventable.

    This is a general theme which pervades the PUA community. It goes further when you see aspiring players actively denigrate the betas that they once were. I’ve heard of players deliberately go and try to pick up a beta’s girlfriend in front of them, ostensibly because the guy ‘deserved it’ for having bad game.
    Its sick to see how far people take that rejection of their past selves, and I’d like to see more sympathy for betas in general. Pick up isn’t zero sum. If a beta gets a girl it doesn’t mean one less for you. Its a perversion of thought and a violation of abundance mentality.

    All that said, I cringe like you when I see bad game. I shout out at the TV while watching mainstream dramas when a main character gets LJBF’d and gets all cuddly and says he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship either. My blue pill friends think I’m crazy, but I occassionally see a guy nod knowingly.

  8. ASF

    Mystery is both overrated and underrated, if that makes sense.

  9. Infantry,

    Very interesting comment. I’m not going to hold it against anybody if he’s willing to learn, and if he is willing to put his ego aside and try to get better, every improvement is more positive than his flaws are negative.

    Beta game makes me cringe, but it’s often a case of bad training and information – correctable issues. But guys who are so thoroughly beta in their core so as to reject the idea of game and fatuously claim don’t deserve any real sympathy from me. It doesn’t matter anyway, because they can’t be taught. Men committed to the beta trail have less in common with other men than with with flaky, narcissistic women who can’t listen to the slightest critical feedback about their failed love lives.

    I don’t support any kind of game “cannibalism” – there’s some element of competition for women in the game, but swooping other guys’ targets (or girlfriends) and justifying it by saying “he deserved it because he was a wimp” is a major dick move.

  10. I find Mystery quite interesting. He’s super left brain, probably the most analytical of the major historical PUAs, and it shows in the heavy lingo and complexity in his system. Because of that domain-specific language and the risk of intellectually isolating yourself and not relaxing, I don’t really recommend the Mystery Method to man (although I think it’s an interesting read).

    Mystery himself is a joy to watch – he’s very comforting, calm and soft spoken. It’s funny how women think of PUAs as sleazy boors, yet Mystery is among the roundest and warmest of the PUAs (especially compared to, say, Tyler Durden who has much more of a frat-guy vibe). Mystery found an image that worked for him and played it heavily.

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  13. Hmmmmm….fairly entry level stuff there…but nice contrasts and demonstration. I enjoy wing-manning unsuspecting betas and pairing them up with hot (and unfortunately usually shallow) women. It’s relatively easy to anchor positive responses to the guy instead of yourself, and gives him a chance to feel desired….experiential knowledge is way more real to people than things they’ve read about or learned by simply watching. Most guys have something to offer, if they can get past the initial interview. Occasionally, I’ve seen that work for them longer term. Most times though, it is simply an experience in dealing with a woman and practicing being confident. At any rate, I recommend if you are into PUA stuff, that you spread the wealth that way, help your brothers out, and get some valuable practice for yourself, by trying things you most likely would not, if it were your win on the line. Stay frosty!

  14. enderdog,

    Thanks for the comment. It is very good training to go out with a good gamer who doesn’t insist on making it all about him, and pick up a bit of his shine.

    It’s kind of like bringing a novice onto your pickup basketball or football team, not expecting them to do much but letting them grow into themselves in the spirit of the team.

    I have indeed made it a mission of mine to help willing men get better at their game. After all I learned from the guys who learned before me.

    “Most guys have something to offer, if they can get past the initial interview. ”

    This is brilliantly lucid, and shirley true…so many quality guys get DQ’d on at the first step, and if they never figure out how to make that first step work they lose confidence in their own value.

  15. I love Keys to the VIP for that reason. The rejections are incredibly painful to watch, but having the team of commentators manages to make it enjoyable.

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