When You Work Your Passive Game, Detecting Female Interest Becomes A Sensitive and Intuitive Skill

Following up my previous post on passive game, as I became more aware of the signs of female attraction, I eventually grew to intuitively sense the aura and spirit of a woman’s interest, without needing to codify the signals in an analytical manner. Now that I am both highly aware and frequently approaching in the wild, I am constantly on the subconscious lookout for approachable women to talk to – and so I have developed a heightened radar sense for when an interested woman is in the vicinity.

In effect, I had trained myself into the perceptive ability that naturals have, well, naturally. What I could previously only sense through blindingly obvious signals like a woman’s big smile or tossing her hair back in my presence, I can now pick up in the subtlest of cues – so fleeting that it’s sometimes nothing more than our little secret. It’s in the momentary glances of interest, undressing me with her eyes, straight-up eye fu**ing, and longing, desperate gazes that verily scream “please come talk to me, so I can bathe in your masculine energy.” Gone were the days of regular “I had no idea she was interested in me!” facepalms, replaced with calculated, well-managed risks of the Yohami-esque “she seems interested in me, maybe I should find out if she’s cool” persuasion.

This manifested just recently as I was exiting the train. As I looked back to fiddle with my bag I made the briefest of eye contact with a young woman behind me. She smiled at me and chuckled, with that vaguely embarrassed look of someone who’s just been caught peeping. On the way off the platform I walk slowly in case she wants to catch up; she pulls up alongside me and I deliver my opener. Just as I knew, she was perfectly willing to talk to me.

In another case, I was out with some friends for drinks and as I moved to and from the bar, I passed by a pretty young lady who was deploying several ways to get my attention. Stealing glances at me disguised as aimless stares while listening to her friends talk, allowing the back of her hand to brush against me as I squeezed past her, and as I was waiting for my order to be garnished, carressing my shoulder with the point of her middle finger.

In an earlier time I might have recoiled, assuming she had touched me by mistake and even apologizing for being in her way. No more; I filed it in the “open her” category. (I was actually working another prospect at the time, and by the time I was free to open her, she had begun talking with a male member of her group who acted as a non-competitive inhibitor: not an object of her interest, but occupying her attention just the same.)

Pre-verbal interest requires something to be attracted to, and as I stand up straight and move with deliberateness, I display value as a “dominant” man simply in the way that I move, without having to actually dominate anybody. This invites the nonverbal admiration of those who like that in a man and thus they invite me to invite them into my world.


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11 responses to “When You Work Your Passive Game, Detecting Female Interest Becomes A Sensitive and Intuitive Skill

  1. Infantry

    ‘In effect, I had trained myself into the perceptive ability that naturals have, well, naturally.’

    I used to call it ‘Playervision’ back in my nightclub days. I just knew. Easy as that and for all the reasons you’ve described. Learning IOIs the hard way and turning it into ‘unconcious competence’.

    I also like to think its great that recovering ‘betas’ can turn one of their supposed weaknesses (sensitivity), into a strength; interest awareness.

  2. Obstinance Works

    This speaks to where I am at right now. This is not basic pua that you can get everywhere.

  3. “I also like to think its great that recovering ‘betas’ can turn one of their supposed weaknesses (sensitivity), into a strength; interest awareness.”

    Bingo. As Yogi said you can learn a lot by observing, and if a guy isn’t going to bloom into an own-the-room raconteur (most guys aren’t), they can gain a lot of value parlaying their non-self absorption into becoming more perceptive.

  4. Candide

    My idea of passive game is entirely different. It’s to build such high values that they come on to you without you having to do anything much (other than not blowing it). E.g I’ve built up a muscular & lean physique and interested women are very obvious about it through touching / grabbing, eyefucking and sexual innuendos.

    TBH I don’t buy this guys are so thick and girls are crap at showing interest. Years ago, when I first found Game, one of the first lessons I was taught was that women with high interest will make it obvious and easy for you. Girls who show vague / unclear interest are not the ones who have high interest in you. All this head-slapping, facepalming moments afterwards when they told you how they were keen but you didn’t notice are just bullshit from them to get your attention at a later date. I’ve heard that plenty of times from girls, never bought it. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen how seemingly shy introverted girls show very obvious interest in alphas and I’ve also been that guy who gets actively seduced by highly keen women. When they really like you, they don’t let you get away that easily!

    Girls know how to get guys’ attention. They’ve had practice for years. The girls who say they don’t are the unattractive and/or super awkward ones.

  5. Candide,

    “My idea of passive game is entirely different. It’s to build such high values that they come on to you without you having to do anything much (other than not blowing it)”

    Ah, so you’re seeing “passive game” as a parallel to “passive income,” earning low-effort returns on a previous (high-effort) capital investment. That’s a good analogy and a process I’ve definitely seen in my own life, when I’m very high-value in a situation I don’t have to do a lot of tactical work.

    I’ve been working on a post about this, along the lines of product (self-improvement) vs marketing (“conventional” external game to display value and leverage it).

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  7. anonymous x

    I have a recent possible IOI to ask about: Group dance lessons (salsa if you must know, I like this dance a lot, it requires leadership to execute well): I’m an introvert, more aloof than not, but I make sure my posture is straight up and my leadership is fully present so the women like dancing with me. But only one of them is worth a second look: this one talks to her friends almost all the time, when I talked to her the first few classes, I didn’t feel any particular chemistry with her so I became aloof with her. Lately she seems nervous and a bit submissive around me when she is dancing with me and often has this little nervous laugh that has me thinking “where did that come from?” Then she goes back to her friends. Anyone want to give me a quick take on this?

  8. anonymous x,

    Not a lot to work with there, but some null-hypothesis thoughts:

    -She could possibly be nervous about the dancing itself.
    -She could be self-conscious if you are a better dancer than her – which might give her some tingles, but might not.

    Short answer: go flirt with her friends.

    Long answer: Do you socialize with other people in the class outside of class? If so you can try inviting her with y’all, her response will tell you a lot about her interest. I’ve personally found that Generation Y women are very skittish about the idea of a one-on-one date and so group hangouts are a convenient and effective launching pad for PUA-style isolation.

    Exegesis: the whole subtext of the IOI concept is that a woman has to do something to show you that there’s value in your approaching, that you aren’t making a blind bet. As far as I’m concerned, women who stay in packs with friends (and thus expect a man to game the whole group) when they’re in social situations forfeit the privilege of being approached. If she can’t be bothered to put herself in your proximity and instead circles the wagons with her friends, she doesn’t really deserve your top game treatment, IMHO, whether or not she might be interested on the inside. If she’s really hotter than her friends but keeps them around for protection that’s a gauntlet you shouldn’t run.

    Dancing is a big DHV, girls love dancing and love a guy they can dance with who has a good physical frame and can lead well.

  9. Candide

    I’m the resident dance guy. Do you have social dance after class? Tell her she should stay for social. At the social, just talk dancing with her first. Discuss the moves, movements, musicality, segway into emotions in the music and dance (i.e how they make you / her feel, or what places they take you to in your imagination). Draw her into your passionate world of music and dancing. Ignore her friends for now. You need to create a strong enough draw that her friends cannot easily sabotage, because they will try.

    @ Badger, “passive income”, that’s a much better description. And as you know, if one wants to get rich, generating many streams of passive income is superior to working your arse off for a salary or some kind of hourly rate regardless how high. ;) In Game talk, it’s the difference between a guy who’s getting auditions left right and center just from his own high values, versus a guy who has to approach a lot to generate a sufficient number of auditions.

  10. anonymous x

    Good suggestions. Food for thought … It’s one of my rare regrets: not starting dance lessons until I was well into my middle age. Now I am pretty good at salsa and swing, and passable at ballroom. Already I notice that I no longer have any fear of approaching women for dances. Done that often enough and turn downs are rare. Even with much younger women. I usually don’t ask; I say “come dance with me!” or something like that while putting my hand out with a smile. So that’s my advice for younger men, if you like going dancing, it’s worth your time and money to learn how to do it properly. Now. Don’t have that regret like I do.

    Another thing, I will dance with all ages and all different lookers. Which is good for the dance leading experience even if maybe that sometimes is not good for the preselection as I often find myself dancing with women I’m not the least bit interested in physically. OTOH I don’t care, my context is I like to dance and I’m about enjoying it and getting better at it. Last night I danced with nearly every woman at a particular table though there were only two I might have been interested in. But those two turned out to be ungraceful and terrible dancers and that wasn’t attractive.

    Now just need to keep learning how to work through my introvert nature to be a good flirt and decent conversationalist, to elicit interest on someone’s part and to learn how to read those IOI’s and act accordingly.

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