At Least She Values Literacy

From the always-educational Texts From Last Night:

All I want is for every tall lanky young guy who is reading in a Starbucks to go balls deep in me. That’s all.

Going to start doing more of my reading at coffee shops and pubs.


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5 responses to “At Least She Values Literacy

  1. ddot

    Read some of the comments. It could be a dude talking.

    [Don’t ruin my fantasy.]

  2. jlw

    Are you tall and lanky? I’m far from both. WoW calls instead! Merry Easter.

  3. Someone of the hottest women I’ve ever dated Imet in cafes. Likewise, some of the happiest couples I know (where the woman is really hot) also met in cafes. Pretty much the only place that gets better consistent results that I know of than cafes is out on the street, and I speculate that’s simply because there are more women to talk to out there. Be Amazing,

  4. Anonymous

    Hot brunette chicks at Starbucks…. mmm.

  5. Hopefully she’s not very hot. I love to read and love coffee, but I’m short, cranky, and old.

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