Tom Leykis Returns To The Radio Today

Not too much to add to the headline, but radio host Tom Leykis is returning to the business starting today (if I recall correctly, the day after his contract with CBS Radio was up) in an Internet-only format. Details are available at and the direct streaming link is here. Start times are slated for 3PM PT/6PM ET.

Tom, who went off the air in February 2009 when his flagship station switched formats, was without a doubt the best-known public promoter of the so-called Marriage Strike*. A four-time divorcee, Leykis asserted that men could get almost all the benefits of marriage without actually marrying, and advised marriage only for couples who wanted to have children.

Leykis promoted a series of dating rules for young men known as “Leykis 101,” including such tips as don’t date single mothers, never spend more than $40 on a date (zero is optimal), always wear a condom, and stop dating her if she won’t sleep with you by date #3.

He’s never used the game terms like alpha and beta (and now that I think about it I’m not sure he ever once mentioned Neil Strauss or Mystery on the air), but he is an original red-piller and has long been spot-on in identifying and correcting the most common flaws and mistakes of men in the SMP – boners like scarcity mentality, getting too “cuddly,” eschewing manliness, playing the chump, marrying too early and not focusing on their life dreams. He also frequently cited structural and social roadblocks to male actualization, including divorce law, high-pressure religious dogmas, entitled women, cultural trends towards feminizing society and popular culture that shamed masculinity.

He billed himself as “the father you never had” and was often greeted by callers with “hello Dad,” a trend that followed from his assertion that the generation of men listening to his show were raised without fathers or with weak fathers.

Crudity was a key part of his radio program shtick. He disposed of callers by “blowing them up” (a sound effect of a bomb going off) or “taking them out” in a style such as Kurt Cobain (a shotgun blast), Kobe (an apologetic clip of Bryant speaking about his wife overlaid with the sounds of rough sex) or “with a bong hit” (self-explanatory). “Flash Friday” was a feature where listeners were encouraged to turn on their headlights, and female listeners to flash said drivers.

Leykis was also known to the public at large for revealing the identities of Kobe Bryant sexual-assault accuser Kate Faber, Duke lacrosse rape hoax false accuser Crystal Mangum, teacher Mary Kay Letourneau’s underage partner, and a Pacific Northwest man who died after an incident involving bestiality. In more shocking legal matters, Leykis was the recipient of an on-air murder confession by a Phoenix-area nurse who killed a former one-night stand who refused to pay child support. I’ve heard the tape, it’s really messed up stuff, and the Arizona police located the woman but were unable to proceed with the case because the records of the “suicide” as it had been classified had been destroyed.

His interview with Kay Hymowitz (discussed here) was my first exposure to her silliness. He also provided my blog with lulz via his self-satiric conversation with Betty, an obviously drunk woman from West Virginia.

I feel like I have to say this or I’ll get typed as buying Leykis’ act and his points hook line and sinker, and the softer elements of my readership will be put off – he has a lot of wise things to say, but I don’t take him totally seriously, because I know there’s some intentional hyperbole to generate notoriety and get listeners. Gruff and uncompromising on the air, Leykis was shown to be considerably warmer and more genial in other environs, which suggests a lot of his persona is a self-styled caricature. He was always open about the fact that he was optimizing for revenue. Sometimes it’s good to just laugh at some outrageous stuff for a fun time. Leykis also took a lot of calls from women who liked either his personality or the arguments he was making.

I’m curious to see how he reopens these male-interest topics. A lot has happened in the area of male writing and media since The Professor’s been gone. (Actually, come to think of it, some of the more media-savvy members of the Manosphere might want to try to get in touch with his people and maybe get on the air. Dalrock, Dr Tara J Palmatier and Roosh would all make fascinating guests.)

*I neither endorse nor oppose a Marriage Strike – Dalrock has shown via statistics that a widespread marriage strike is not happening and not likely to happen.


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8 responses to “Tom Leykis Returns To The Radio Today

  1. Wudang

    Someone should call in to his show and talk about the maosphere and mention some key blogs.

  2. Stomp

    Thank you sir for remembering this for ALL of us. I’ll be spreading this info!!!!

  3. ASF

    The one glaring issue I have with Leykis is that he was married four times. I’ll even accept being married twice, but four? Has he ever addressed this issue?

  4. Candide

    The Enemy must never know about the Marriage Strike. That’s why Dalrock’s failing stats skills were of such great help to us all.

  5. ASF, yes, he’s very up front about his marriages on-air and he readily admits that he was a blue pill guy for a long time. In fact it’s just this history that prompted him to do the show.

  6. L

    “The one glaring issue I have with Leykis is that he was married four times. I’ll even accept being married twice, but four? Has he ever addressed this issue?”

    He’s addressed it thousands of times. He married because of cultural pressures, and often at the behest of the women themselves. He thought it was what he was “supposed to do.” He has said many, many times that after his first marriage [which was 9 or 10 years, I don’t remember,] the women were always the direct instigator of marriage.

    It’s to imagine why… no wait, its not. He is a multimillionaire radio personality, and women love money and status.

  7. That dude sounds awesome. I’ll have to check it out.

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