Book Review: Roosh’s “30 Bangs”

Uncle Roosh was kind enough to hook me up with an advance copy of his latest ebook, “30 Bangs,” which is what it sounds like – a journal of 30 of his seductive experiences, written up as very short vignettes.

Up front: the book is very good, it’s definitely worth a few bucks and an hour of your reading time. I’m very good at learning from example by adapting it to my needs, so I found the book very educational. Good field reports are worth probably ten times that of an equal-length theoretical discussion.

It’s written in his trademark sparse and matter-of-fact style, an oeuvre enhanced by the disconnected, episodic nature of the stories.

Admittedly, it’s difficult to review the book without giving away too much of its magic (though you can guess the ending to each one) so I will focus on the big picture conclusions.

Among the notable points were the following:

1. The sheer volume of last-minute resistance of women who at the end of the night eagerly boffed the author boggled my mind. Getting around LMR is one of the hugely frustrating parts of dating, as it’s very difficult to tell if a given woman wants you to go around her token objections, if she’s stringing you along for beta-comfort with no intention, if she’s a tease who gets off (figuratively) on heating guys up and blue-balling them, or has simply lost interest in you just as you’re ramping up the escalation.

2. There’s an old piece of game wisdom that a woman who says something like “we’re not having sex” has sex on her mind and is trying to talk herself out of it. That certainly seemed to be the case in several of the stories, where a woman would tell Roosh “you can come up/sleep in my bed/take off your pants, but we’re not having sex” and not ten minutes later they’d be going at it like horny-assed rabbits.

3. There’s a thousand ways to skin a cat. Every story is different in its approach, isolation, and timespan. Guys who are consistently good at closing the deal have an improv streak in them that automatically adapts their game to various situations.

4. I’ve always taken it as a fundamental tenet to not sleep over until the notch had been scored, but on at least one occasion Roosh couldn’t go all the way, slept the night in the girl’s bed, and scored the next morning. I suppose if it’s at her place, there’s less danger of being beta-zoned or used as a cuddle buddy, and you’re not being played for the “sexless inkeeper” if you’re in her bed.


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10 responses to “Book Review: Roosh’s “30 Bangs”

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  2. “Getting around LMR is one of the hugely frustrating parts of dating”

    This must be a new definition of ‘dating’ I was previously unfamiliar with. The way I’ve come to understand dating is screening for a hot woman who’s into me and makes my life better. That means if I discover at any point that she isn’t into me, be it she ignores me when I greet her or ‘LMR’ or whatever anyone wants to call it, then I smile and happily go find another woman to talk to… Because I just saved half my money by not having to get married to her. Be Amazing,

  3. Opus

    Ah yes: Last minute rejection. Very difficult to deal with, as pushing seems desparate and of course gives the woman the opportunity to allege attempted Rape. As one friend of mine once put it – and he was an uber-alpha, ” ‘What kind of girl do you take me for?’ – and then, ten minutes later, ‘Take me, take me, take me!’ “

  4. amazingly, I have defeated most LMR with a simple “I just want you right now”

    which implies “damn what people will think, or judge, or anything in the whole world… its just about you and me and this moment”

    and they cast off their cares of whatever was prompting the LMR and just go for what they obviously want.

    haven’t run into LMR in quite a while though, since I have a gf haha

  5. When’s the release date?
    Where’s the link to Roosh on the right?

  6. KK

    “I’ve always taken it as a fundamental tenet to not sleep over until the notch had been scored”

    Is this such a big no-no? I’ve always just slept over in the getting-to-know-you stage, and still had sex in the end. Sure, I didn’t push for it at the earliest possible spot but this policy hasn’t cost me any notches this far.

    Contrary experiences are welcome. A wise man looks to learn before making mistakes.

  7. Candide

    “I’ve always taken it as a fundamental tenet to not sleep over until the notch had been scored”

    You misplaced a couple of words: “not to *let her* sleep over”. That’s the tenet.

    You can sleep over at her place just fine.

  8. My take on the “We’re not having sex” LMR has always been “Oh, you mean we’re not having sex right this minute? Let’s see if we can change that,” with a burst of confidence and a leering smile.

    You might get a negative reaction (if her LMR is turned up high, for instance) and she hands you “NO! I meant that there is no way in hell I’d ever have sex with a guy like you!”. I usually countered with a medium force neg (“Of course not — I’m SO out of your league, little girl. But I’m using you to make the hot girls notice me, so please continue to freak out like a virgin freshman. Because I’m just going to tell everyone you wigged about the huge size of my cock, anyway, so how you react from this point on is really going to be telling.”) that leads to either her being speechless (you’ve got her), angry (you’ve got her) or disgusted (you don’t got her, but then you didn’t want her after that — and you probably DID get the other girls to notice you when she freaks).

    Other good responses:

    Girl.: “You’re a pig!”
    Boy.: “Nah, pigs have corkscrew-shaped penises. Mine is more like . . . a rolling pin. Probably more than you can handle — actually, definitely more than you can handle.”

    G. “I’m serious. I’m not having sex with you.” (Usually from an over-cautious wingwoman who wants to be all serious about her flirtations, so you know it really MEANS something when she finally gives it up.)
    B.: “You can be serious all you want, but based on how much heavier you’re breathing and how flushed your cheeks are, I’d give you ten bucks if you proved your panties weren’t damp right now.”

    And then if she gets excited, angry, disrespectful and/or uses profanity: G.:”There’s no FUCKING way I’d ever pollute my body with your disgusting, sexist cock! I like nice men, thank you very much!”
    B.: Casually: “Relax, Cupcake, we both know that’s a lie. Firstly because you’re still talking to me.”
    G. “And secondly?”
    B.: “Are you kidding? I can smell your pussy from here. You’re dripping.”

    I’ve seen all of these work, to various degrees.

    But more than likely you’ll get a positive reaction. “Oh, you think I’m that easy?” is as good as her saying “Hell yes! I’m that easy!”.

  9. Just finished 30 bangs last night. Definitely a worthy read.

  10. Zac

    I find that LMR mainly happens to guys when girls can sense they aren’t completely what they claim to be. I generally receive no LMR. When I do it’s simply because the girl is uncomfortable with what we are doing. Usually if that is the case I probably didn’t do a good job making the girl comfortable with me. I think the best sex happens when there is no LMR and I prefer to get my interactions to the point where a girl is saying “We are going to have sex” instead of “We aren’t going to have sex” before I worry about having sex. Just my two cents though.

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