The Value Of Squats For Women

I was at the gym tonight doing my squat reps when an old memory popped inexplicably into my head. I can’t place where I saw this quote but it was in the context of attraction advice for women on one of the more moderate game and red-pill relationship blogs one or two years ago. It went something like this:

“My recommendation for women today is to get on the squat rack and plump up that ass.”

I lol’d just recalling it. I believe the commenter in question was a man of color, and he was trying to say that either men of color would become prime catches in the next wave of the SMP, or that features typically seen as attractive to men of color would become more mainstream and attractive to white men.

Gratuitous videos:

I have to say that as a dude, squats are a great exercise aside from the risk to your knees. First, they work the biggest muscle combination in the body save for the technique-intensive power clean and so contribute greatly to your overall strength and tone. Secondly, I’ve been told big-muscle lifts boost your testosterone, but whether that’s true or not, I just have an enhanced feeling of “manliness” when finishing a cycle of squats. It usually lasts me about 24 hours, its effects including increased outcome independence, better executive function and sharpened libido. I also recall that after one pre-football summer hitting the squat rack hard, I stopped experiencing the overwhelming quadriceps soreness that I thought was the lot of every football player.


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28 responses to “The Value Of Squats For Women

  1. MuffManMike


    Funny thing Badge, this feels a little like the HUS post on ‘Defining Sexy’.. i wonder who was the driver behind making big ass sexy? And i think this phenomenon has lasted a lot longer than just a year or two ago. In fact, i’d peg it started around say… oh 1992?

    I hate squats. I do Plyo and lighter squat workouts using dumbells, not full bars+plates.

    There’s some truth to the ‘maniness’ feeling of totally killing it during an exercise routine, but i always just took it as a matter of accomplishment for beating my goals and achieving my fitness level although i’m sure there is something there on a chemical level as well. Those lovely endorphin things.

    To close it off i say, to each their own. I have never been an ass nor breast man, for me it was always about long toned sexy legs. Large breats and ass actually put me off, and the larger they get the more repulsed i become because the larger the likelyhood of excess weight associated with that largeness. Shapely toned legs for the most part mean the rest of the girl is proportionally sound. I’d rather have flat than fat so to speak.

  2. Stingray

    The king of squats – Mark Rippetoe, Gentlemen. This man is awesome. Please see here:

    and here:


  3. e.p.

    Power Cleans aren’t that hard to learn. Mark Rippetoe has a good sequence of videos on youtube, and recently T-Nation did an article on them. You can basically break it down into three parts – the first pull (from the ground to mid-calf) which is essentially a deadlift. the second pull (from mid calf to chest-height) when you explosively contract your glutes and drive up, and then the catch where you keep the bar momentum going up by squeezing your traps and you pull yourself down under the bar and catch it.

  4. ASF

    I was genetically gifted with a nice ass.

  5. I hate squats, but it is a good exercise for bums and quads. as well as a good position for a woman to ride their husband. Labor position during childbirth and an excellent position for pushing out a baby- utilizes gravity as well as allows pelvis to open and make the passage of a baby easier.

  6. Sasha

    I’ve always favored front squat over back squat. Easier on lower back, safer to dump is needed, and works quads like there is no tomorrow. Aesthetically, results in a great tear-drop.

  7. (r)Evoluzione

    There’s no risk to the knees if you do them correctly. Yes, doing badly performed squats will fuck up up your knees, but as the inimitable Mark Rippetoe, already mentioned in the comments says, doing a bunch of very good squats will unfuck them.

    Do yer frikkken squats, men. And women. And do the deadlifts too.

  8. Anon

    Squats won’t give most white girls huge butts, it will just make them firmer and give them a little bit of healthy curvature.

  9. Candide

    I’m a powerlifter, and I’m training a few girls atm. They are no models (yet!) but squats, deadlifts and other glute exercises I get them to do give them very nice posteriors. ;)

    Doing squat right is good for your knees. Doing it wrong can fuck up your knees, but so does doing-it-wrong in many ball sports, jogging and dancing. In fact, being a dancer as well, I see way more bad knees in dancing than powerlifting.

    After a good squat session, I always feel like I can conquer the world.

    This is why Brazillian girls have such nice booty:

    Although if you really want to get a nice one, this is how you should train:

  10. YES!! The single issue with women’s fitness programming has been the over-emphasis of airy fairy cardiovascular elements. I can’t stand seeing older women putzing their way around the track barely able to balance as they walk, knowing that a little core stabilization and strength training could help them significantly! We need both cardio and strength training, ladies! The Olympic lifts are where it’s at: speed, coordination, and deep, fully body, large muscle group training: it’s anaerobic, sure, but with a significant cardio recovery. That, and Plyometrics. Some studies indicate you can increase your strength gain from weight training up to 12% by adding plyo.

    As for knees? I have some knee issues from years of figure skating and running and the lifts have done nothing but improve this concern.

  11. Wow, the response to this has been great.

    MMMike, I like to think Sir Mix A Lot was describing the tastes of his brethren rather than prescribing it. A tangent on this topic would be how a more visceral image of black American men propagated through popular culture in the 90’s, with Baby Got Back, films like Boyz n the Hood, and the rise of gangsta rap. That’s not to say this image was representative, just that the guys who were recognized (and/or notorious) were putting out this image to the public.

    ASF, use them curves boy.

  12. FFY

    Spot on, Badger.

    I’ve custom made a few workouts for various girls I’ve been involved with, and I always make them do squats, no matter how much they complain.

    It is quite literally one of the best lifts for your body (when done right, of course).

    And, of course, I was not displeased with the side effects of their squats

  13. “Spot on, Badger.”

    Nice pun.

  14. Candide

    “I can’t stand seeing older women putzing their way around the track barely able to balance as they walk, knowing that a little core stabilization and strength training could help them significantly!”

    Not just older women, young girls in their physical prime around my city’s uni campus and at dancing have the same problems.

    @ Badger
    “Secondly, I’ve been told big-muscle lifts boost your testosterone, but whether that’s true or not, I just have an enhanced feeling of “manliness” when finishing a cycle of squats. It usually lasts me about 24 hours, its effects including increased outcome independence, better executive function and sharpened libido.”

    I recently trained an over 60 y.o man for 3 months whose soldier had gone to the long sleep, according to his wife (TMI for a trainer to know, I know). I gave him squats, ab wheel, push-ups and various kettlebell exercises and got him to eat paleo. He lost 10kg, got a truckload leaner (4-pack abs, almost 6), grew some nice muscles and now looks like he’s in his 40s (helps that he still has good hair). The wife reports that he’s now like a randy young man and she has to watch out for the younger women (late 30s to late 40s) checking him out & flirting with him.

    The big lifts work great for me as well, but I’m still young so it doesn’t have such a dramatic effect on me as it did on him.

  15. Candide,

    Frost said something like “when you lift women will like you more because you smell like testosterone.” I’m sure there’s something to that, I bet a fit guy sends out positive pheromones.

  16. Candide

    That’d be true. Since I started lifting, got a hell lot stronger & fitter and a nice muscular physique to go with that, women of certain types (esp married women lol) have been quite blatantly sexual with me. I can rarely enjoy a night out without getting molested! Precious few (among the singles that is) that I’m actually keen on though – the attractive girls I tend to run into seem to prefer skinny feminine hipster dudes. Maybe those girls are all on the pill or something!

  17. I would love it if my fiance would start doing some squats. Round big ass is a big turn on for me.

  18. Anon

    Watching that zebra clad chick squat was better than porn.

  19. Stingray

    More excellent glute exercises. Men, you will enjoy the pictures down the right side. Ladies, the most difficult thing about these exercises is finding a place to do them in the gym without drawing too much attention to yourself. They are fantastic exercises, but can be embarrassing in the gym. Worth it though.

  20. Candide

    So that’s why I keep getting my arse grabbed. I’ve been smashing the glute bridge and hip thrusts!

  21. lemmiwinks

    I’m trying to get my lady to do squats and weight lifting in general but it’s all cardio and yoga for her. I show her pictures of girls who lift weights and they look great. She’s all worried about becoming one of those disgusting muscle women but I tell her you can’t get that way without drugs. Lifting weights keeps the pounds off better than any cardio or yoga.

    I showed her this and there are some great transformations there.

    For me I’m trying to reach the 1000 club, adding your squat/dead/bench to 1000. So far dead 385, squat 295 and bench 275 (ya too much upper body). Another couple months I should hit it.

    [I just heard today that weights have more benefit than cardio because they tone the muscles to burn energy 24/7 instead of just squeezing their energy out during the cardio workout. Could be true.

    Good luck with that half-ton goal! You come back here when you do it and let us know.]

  22. I agree.

    Squats will do more for a woman’s physique than all yoga and pilates in the world.

    They’re also good for men. Unless a man has some kind of injury, he WILL do squats if he’s a serious lifter.

  23. MuffManMike


    It’s true that building muscle is a core component to burning fat 24 hrs a day vs. just during cardio + few hours after. But here’s the thing where i seem to disagree from most of your core readership.

    I love femininity. I have a friend who does yoga + power walks. Granted she was in good shape to begin with but DAMN. Her tummy is tight but not ‘ripped’. her legs are toned but not ‘buldging’ and her ass looks delicious in a pair of yoga pants, or when she’s wearing heels, proportionate to her body and not sticking out like an alien parasite in a symbiotic relationship with her backside. if only i didn’t get friendzoned to her 10,000 years ago. le sigh.

    I love the way she looks because she looks like a WOman, not a man. I find hard muscles, ripped abs and a loss of that precious little layer of what i call ‘pooch’ detrimental to a woman’s feminine side. I keep trying to tell her she’s hit the mark and shouldn’t go hardcore. Seems everyone wants to kill it. I know everyone wants healthy but it seems like nobody knows when to exactly stop?

    I’ve almost hit my ideal mark. I went from 190lbs at the height of my ‘gym’ working out, had big chest, big arms, but size 36 waist and it was just mass, not defined. I hit p90x and now i’m sculpted, toned, muscles look awesome even if not as huge as in the past. I take me now over me then any day. I’m 160lbs and size 33 and dropping. Hope to have nice abs showing before spring volleyball season starts.

    I just hope in the mad rush for big butts and muscle building, we not lose sight of the fact that women keep there feminine beauty as well as their charm and not go muscle crazy. I don’t want to make love to a woman who’s got more muscular legs than me if you get my meaning.

    Maybe i’m an outlier.. dunno. My 0.02.

    Peace! And live healthy!

  24. Candide

    “I don’t want to make love to a woman who’s got more muscular legs than me if you get my meaning.”

    That’s cos you have tiny wheels, brother.

    If you squat, you’d have a hard time finding any woman who has more muscular legs than you – a man.

    There are plenty of examples of females who are soft, slim and feminine but will outlift you in everything you care to name. Hell I’m coaching one who’s like that. And yesterday, my fellow powerlifters and I were crying into our WPI over seeing a tiny super cute Ukrainian or Russian girl in the sub-56kg class who squats way more than us.

    You have a very wrong idea about muscle building as well as fat loss.

    The hotties who do yoga and power walks are hotties in spite of their training, not because of it. I’m also a dancer and I know plenty of girls who do those things but are imbalanced, unfit, weak and not hot. Whereas someone like this girl here got hot because of her training:

  25. MuffManMike

    Heheh, too each their own Candide. I’m not here to tell you you’re wrong. As i said.. ‘outlier’. It is what it is.

    And that super cute Uke outsquatting you guys and not having thick quads.. pics or it didn’t happen heheh.

    Yes, i will admit, my friend is blessed with hell’a’good genes so she probably doesn’t require the regimen to get where she’s at. But hawt damn.

    In fact i just checked out Staci’s page now (damn) and she has an almost identical body type. (tho ill admit she’s probably a ton more stronger in the core and squats).. but she’s at the cusp of what i was speaking to. Her abdominal area is well defined, but she doesn’t have 6 pack abs or any other male body builder features save maybe those cut lines/grooves near the hips/thighs..

    Guess what i was referring to was this.
    and this..
    or THIS (ps i am a man, my legs are quite large, yet i am bested by this one :P )

    Of course, it’s simply a matter of taste ymmv. I didn’t mean to question anyone’s idea of what they find appealing or sexy, just interjecting my own opinion because i tend to enjoy speaking my mind when the suds flow freely.

    Peace, live long and prosper et all.

  26. Candide

    You can’t get those extra hard bodies purely through lifting, my friend. The hard 6-packs is almost entirely diet (and some drugs). It’s impossible for women and it’s almost impossible for men as well.

    As for the Russian girl:

  27. Candide

    Also, look at the videos posted so far: the two Badger did, and the one I did of a figure athlete Kellie Davis. Do any of those girls look overly muscular or unfeminine to you?

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