Some Links

Dirtman has a very sensual story within a story.

Athol Kay and Vox Day both talk about why a man shouldn’t plan the life logistics for a woman who can’t pull her weight. (My advice: don’t cohabit until and unless marriage is a proximal goal.)

Moxie discusses getting backburnered in online dating.

grerp had an interesting confessional on culling her blog content and the purpose and future of her enterprise.

Haley tells Churchianity to hang up the princess fantasies.



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4 responses to “Some Links

  1. Dirt Man

    thanks for the linkage Badger

  2. R.

    Sorry for the hijack, but Badger, have you seen this?

    Interesting how it mirrors what you and what I call the “sane manosphere” (you, Athol, Dalrock, etc) have been saying for years.

  3. R,

    Thanks for the video, I’ll have to watch it as soon as I get the chance.

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