Sexy Move: Use The Minty Body Wash

I got as a gift a bottle of Bigelow mint body wash, with peppermint oil and a bit of some kind of silica abrasive. It’s fantastic stuff. The feeling of tension-relieving chill is like coming out of a sauna. I especially like it after I’ve worked out, when my muscles are rippling from the stress of the weights and I need the sensation of cooling off.

You can buy some here. One bottle is $12 and will last you three months or more.

Good grooming is one of Mystery’s six characteristics of an alpha male (note that it’s more of a beta trait a strong alpha needs in his toolbox), and using good grooming products gets you in a mindset that you’re taking good care of your body, which itself will make you carry yourself better and build nonverbal attraction. Forget about the scent, you won’t get laid with stuff that comes out of a bottle anyway. Actually, don’t worry about whether it will help you with girls – do it for YOU.

Take a cue from women. Women love exfoliating cleansers, fragrances, massages, pedicures, steam rooms – things that enhance the sensual pleasure of grooming and health. It doesn’t make you gay or unmasucline to be well-groomed and to enjoy the process, any more than it compromises your manhood to pay attention to the fit, style and quality of your suits and casual clothes.

Unless you’re getting cucumber facials and having your nails painted, it pays off with women to look, feel and smell good.



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15 responses to “Sexy Move: Use The Minty Body Wash

  1. “Unless you’re getting cucumber facials and having your nails painted, it pays off with women to look, feel and smell good.”

    Yep, that about sums it up. I’d also recommend American Crew hair products. They can be found pretty cheap at Amazon, and are well worth the price.

  2. Mike C

    Second the American Crew hair recommendation

    Scent/smell is low-hanging fruit that many guys don’t take advantage of. Women have a MUCH better sense of smell than guys, and it is more of an attraction trigger for them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve basically had a girl open me by complimenting me on how I smell.

    Its worth the money to spend on a quality cologne. Heck, there are fake-knock offs that are cheap and smell very close to the real deal. You’ve got to experiment as everyone’s body chemistry is different so what smells good on one guy might not be as good on another. These days, I am wearing Fierce from Abercrombie and Fitch, and I’ve literally gotten compliments just walking by. I used to wear Curve and got a ton of positive feedback but somehow developed some skin allergy to it. Other ones I’ve gotten good responses are Chrome, Aqua di Gio (bit overused so you’ll smell like a lot of guys), and Black by Kenneth Cole.

  3. SayWhaat

    Take a cue from Mindy Kaling! (Warning, long copy/pasta to follow!)

    Excerpt from “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?“

    Guys Need To Do Almost Nothing To Be Great

    Being a Guy is so easy. A little Kiehl’s a little Bumble and Bumble, a peacoat, a pair of Chuck Taylors, and you’re hot. Here’s my incredibly presumptuous guide to being an awesome guy, inside and out (mostly out, for who am I to instruct you on inner improvement?). (Let me say here that if you’re some kind of iconoclastic dude who goes by the beat of your own drummer, you will find this insufferable. I totally respect that. I would never want you to stop wearing your skinny jeans and straw hat. I mean it!)

    1. Buy a well-fitting peacoat from J.Crew. Or wait until Christmas sales are raging and buy a designer one, like Varvatos or something. Black looks good on everyone (Obvious Cops) and matches everything (Duh Police), but charcoal gray is good too. You can always look like a put-together Obama speech-writer with a classy peacoat. Oh! and get it cleaned once a year. Sounds prissy, but a good cleaning can return a peacoat to its true black luster, and make you look as snappy as the first day you wore it.

    2. Have a signature drink like James Bond. it’s silly, but I’m always so impressed if a guy has a cool go-to drink. Obviously, if it has a ton of fancy ingredients like puréed berries or whatever, you can look a little bit like a high-maintenance weirdo, so don’t do that. If you like scotch, have a favorite brand. it makes you look all actualized and grown-up. (You don’t have to say your drink order with the theatrical panache of James Bond. That’s for close-ups.)

    3. Own several pairs of dark wash straight-leg jeans. Don’t get bootcut, don’t get skinny, just a nice pair of levis without any embellishments on the pockets. No embellishments anywhere. At all. Nothing. Oh my god.

    4. Wait until all the women have gotten on or off an elevator before you get on or off. Look, I’m not some chivalry nut or anything, but this small act of politeness is very visual and memorable.

    5. When you think a girl looks pretty, say it, but don’t reference the thing that might reveal you are aware of the backstage process. e.g., say, “You look gorgeous tonight,” not “I like how you did your makeup tonight.” Also, a compliment means less if you compliment the thing and not the way the girl is carrying it off. so, say, “You look so sexy in those boots,” rather than “Those boots are really cool.” I didn’t make the boots! I don’t care if you like the boots’ design! We are magic to you: You have no idea how we got to look as good as we do.

    6. Avoid asking if someone needs help in a kitchen or at a party, just start helping. Same goes with dishes. (Actually, if you don’t
    want to help, you should ask them if they need help. No self respecting host or hostess will say yes to this question.)

    7. Have one great cologne that’s not from the drugstore. Just one. Wear very little of it, all the time. I cannot tell you how sexy it is to be enveloped in a hug by a man whose smell you remember. Then anytime I smell that cologne, I think of you. Way to invade my psyche, guy! Shivers-down-spine central!

    8. Your girlfriend’s sibling or parents might be totally nuts but always defend them. Always. All a girl wants to do is to get along with her family, and if you are on the side of making it easy, you will be loved eternally. It might be easier to condemn them— after all, she’s doing that already—but, honestly, even if they are serial murderers, there is nothing more traumatic than hearing your boyfriend trash your family.

    9. Kiehl’s for your skin, Bumble and Bumble for your hair. Maybe a comb. That is all you need. And when girls look in your medicine cabinet (which they will obviously do within the first five minutes of them coming to your place), you look all classily self restrained because you only have two beauty products. You’re basically a cowboy.

    10. I really think guys only need two pairs of shoes: a nice pair of black shoes and a pair of Chuck Taylors. The key, of course, is that you need to replace your Chuck Taylors every single year. You cannot be lax about this. Those shoes start to stink like hell. They cost $40. You can afford a new pair every year.

    11. Bring wine or chocolate to everything. People love when guys do that. Not just because of the gift, but because it is endearing to imagine you standing in line at Trader Joe’s before the party.

    12. Get a little jealous now and again, even if you’re not, strictly, a jealous guy. Too much and it’s creepy and horrible, but a possessive hand on her back at a party when your girlfriend looks super hot is awesome.

  4. That’s interesting – 12 bulleted points equals “almost nothing”?

  5. Mike C,

    Cologne is one of those things I think guys are best sticking to the classics and available stuff rather than trying to peacock with a weird fragrance. But it’s hard to pick one without worrying you’re going to smell like an old man, one that’s, um, appropriate to your race, etc. I don’t trust those ladies at the counter to tell me either. Good thing I’ve found a wingman with style. Guys – get a friend who really knows male style.

    And a little goes a long way, I’ve noticed a lot of men and women wearing WAY too much cologne/perfume, I can smell it when they walk by on the sidewalk. I like my cologne to be like a secret world, only women I allow to come into close range with me (which would ideally be all women but I have to be discriminating to play the game) should be able to ID my fragrance.

    When I was in New York City I forgot to bring cologne but the washroom attendants in Manhattan restaurants and clubs had top brands for a dollar a spray. (Of course it could have been parfums de couer filled into designer bottles.) Either way I got groped at New Year’s so something must have worked.

  6. Adam

    [This is brought on by a click through to the first commenter’s website amongst other things. I would appreciate a completely retarded (for the sake of mocking) explanation from Simon Grey about why fiat money is a bad thing even if he doesn’t realize that is the most consequential (and retarded) plank of his preferred candidate.

    Honest question: is everyone who blogs about Game and/or associates themselves with the “Manosphere” a conservative?

    One of the reasons I like Badger is that he isn’t overtly political (I have no idea what his politics are). Most other game bloggers are blatantly insane, reactionary, conservatives. Roissy – virulent racist, complete dissociation from reality when it comes to any government program – is the poster boy but it seems to be pretty endemic. I’m very liberal, but still think that Game teachings have very incisive insights.

    I guess the elephant in the room is Feminism. I think Feminism has been – overall – a good thing. The idea that you should be excluded from half of human experience because of an accident of birth is absurd. I think Larry Summers was basically right: unless you are talking about the extreme right tail of the distribution, chances are the girls you interact with are just as smart as you.

    That being said, has feminism gone too far? YES! The idea that there is no difference between sexes, which is the basis of third wave feminism is completely absurd! People like Amanda Marcotte make me sick.

    I love girls. There is so much hate associated with this string. I think balancing the power relationship by understanding what is what is what exemplary. But what we all want is a girl we find attractive to give us puppy eyes and express devotion.

    The funny thing is that is what girls want too!

    Lets make that connection and leave the politics out of it.

  7. Now for the post-within-a-post:

    It sounds like Mindy jotted down a bunch of vignettes that stuck in her mind (and the fashions in her circle) and tried to extrapolate them to rules/a lecture for men to be more attractive. Which is a great illustration of why the Second Rule of Game is “don’t take dating advice from women.” It seems to be a trend for women to say it’s easy to be attractive and charming, then proceed to bark orders by listing scores of items a man must carefully balance and time just right.

    It’s at the very least obvious to me that she has dated very few women.

    (4) – This is a classic move that is charming when done by an attractive guy, but if the office doughboy does it it’s creepy at worst or pedestalizing at best. Interestingly, no less than Roissy advocates that alpha men let their women lead them in a procession, and took the example from pimps:

    (5) – my personal experiences are that comlpimenting a woman’s intrinsic “look” yields very poor results, while complimenting any of her “detail” items yields an enthusiastic response, a gratitude that I shirley noticed. How many men have gotten into hot water for failing to compliment their gal’s new hairstyle?

    Demonstrating a non-gay eye for detail goes a long way. It’s my anecdotal experience that women want to be complimented on their choice of clothes, shoes, hairstyles, accessories and feminine behaviors; these things are status symbols and are mutable, unlike her height, hips or boobs. Then again, maybe Kaling is just encouraging us to light the woman’s hamster afire by getting her to think “why does he think I look great? Is it the shoes? The eyeshadow? The dress?”

    (6) – I don’t have a set policy, but I generally don’t intervene in the kitchen or party mechanics unless my girlfriend or a family member is the matron of the event. There is no rule that everyone who comes to a party has to pitch in somehow and I actually think it’s kind of rude to presume your services are needed, you can mess up a well-laid plan. You should see my mom’s clockwork Thanksgiving operation. Segueing into the next point…

    (8) – I could write at length about this but I won’t because family dynamics are complicated. I understand the sentiment here but it’s overboard. It’s not a man’s responsibility to make a girl’s family sound less crazy than they are. “Just get along with the family” is like telling a guy to “just give your angry girlfriend/wife what she wants;” if people are out of line, they need to be called on it or at least not rewarded for the behavior.

    If your family is making your life difficult, you need to come up with a plan to mitigate it. If your family is making your SO’s life difficult, you and the SO both need to consider how much the relationship is worth to you, because there might come a moment where you have to choose.

    Yeah, I said it. Kaling may be coming from a perspective of “they may be wacky but we keep it all in the family.” Family problems are not always this benign, and they can get extremely high-stakes when children start dating and marrying. I have discovered (second-hand, thankfully) that sometimes people really do have to back away from their families to lead healthy, productive adult lives.

    I will say this, a man should never be an active, first-party antagonist to his woman’s family. Let her do the fighting.

    (9) – judging a man on his grooming products is shallow, but rooting through a man’s medicine cabinet is highly invasive of his privacy. By suborning this Kaling is just giving ammo to guys who want to think all women are crazy and controlling. I don’t know when this started but modern women seem to think it’s OK to invade a man’s privacy at will. Probably the only faster way of moving yourself out of the commitment box is to rearrange his furniture while he’s away.

    (10) – No offense to Kaling, but she works in entertainment and is really not in a position to grok fashion mores for the average guy. Guys who work in corporate America, compete in athletics, or need to dress upscale casual need a bit more than dark-wash jeans and two pairs of shoes.

    (11) – there’s a lot to be said for bringing a basic and highly applicable item to a private event, but this is another piece of “do this and women will think you’re hot” beta-bait. Bring it because your style demands it, not because you’re hoping to score brownie points. I bet Kaling saw one dude bring wine or chocolate to one event and is now cooked on the idea of guys doing this.

    (12) – again, here’s something you are supposed to do in just the right magical balance to make her feel chased but not owned. Good luck with that.

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  9. SayWhaat

    (4) *shrug* I always notice when guys do this, regardless of whether they’re attractive or not. And I always smile and often say “thank you” when they do it.

    (5) Agreed. It’s probably what Kaling was referring to, but she conflated the ideas.

    (6) Yeah I kinda thought that was weird too.

    (8) Yes.

    (9) Eurgh, yeah, I’d never root through anyone’s medicine cabinets, male or female. But I think she was coming from a place of “this is what my boyfriend has in his and I think it’s highly attractive and all you need.” Do you disagree with her product suggestions?


    Guys who work in corporate America, compete in athletics, or need to dress upscale casual need a bit more than dark-wash jeans and two pairs of shoes.

    You’re nitpicking. Wear dark-wash jeans and those shoes on the weekends or when going out. That’s all. I’ve never ever seen anyone look bad in dark-wash jeans and dress-y shoes!


    I bet Kaling saw one dude bring wine or chocolate to one event and is now cooked on the idea of guys doing this.

    Yes…and if you’re that attractive guy? Tres adorbs! :P

    (12) Game should help with that.

  10. Anonymous Reader

    (9) A long time ago I knew a married woman, the mother of a friend of mine, who was known for not giving much of a damn what people thought of her. This was in the oil patch, where humor can be interesting. Sometimes when she and her husband gave a party, just for fun she would place a dozen or two marbles into her medicine cabinet through a hole in the top. It was inevitable that at some point in the evening there would be a loud clatter in the bathroom, always while some woman was in there. If I were back on the market I’d be real tempted to do a variation of this, just to see what happened.

  11. I never heard of this before.I’m definitely up on my body-care stuff.This sounds decent.Good that you’d mentioned Mystery.

  12. Alternatively (and this isn’t as hippie as it sounds): stop using soap, start using baking soda.

    I stopped using soap entirely, with the single exception of tactical hand-washings, about a year ago. My skin started feeling better immediately, but I had intermittent problems with armpit stink. Weirdly, the stink only came from the left. Non-aluminum-based deodorants did not help control or cover the odor.

    Then I tried homemade baking soda deodorant. Nasty odor gone. Not just gone, killed. I suspect that most armpit stink is actually bacterial infection, based on the left-armpit-only smell I had. Now that my armpit stink is dead, I rarely have to use any deodorant. When I shower daily, water only, I simply do not smell. If I go longer between showers, the natural axillary gland odor develops, but that is far from unpleasant: think musk. The woman likes it.

    My theory is that daily showers (and deodorant) are needed because soap destroys your body’s natural protective coating.

  13. Dr. Bonner’s has a similar minty bodywash and I don’t use anything else anymore. You’re absolutely right about the cooling effect.

  14. “I guess the elephant in the room is Feminism. I think Feminism has been – overall – a good thing. The idea that you should be excluded from half of human experience because of an accident of birth is absurd. I think Larry Summers was basically right: unless you are talking about the extreme right tail of the distribution, chances are the girls you interact with are just as smart as you.

    That being said, has feminism gone too far? YES! The idea that there is no difference between sexes, which is the basis of third wave feminism is completely absurd! People like Amanda Marcotte make me sick.”

    Couldn’t let this pass.

    I empathize with you — politically speaking, I’m all over the map but generally identify with Progressive causes and libertarian ideas about personal liberty. The Right sees my pro-choice and non-Christian stand as fundamentally wrong, while the Left sees my staunch stand on 2nd Amendment rights and states rights as one step away from Bubbahood.

    But the Red Pill isn’t just for Red Staters. I think it’s patriotic to pay your reasonable taxes, I think that gay marriage is a fundamental right too long denied, and I think that a woman’s right to choose is an essential issue of personal liberty. I’ve admired both Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. I’ve blogged (under other names) for sites that could be considered far-right or far-left. And I’ve noticed a few things:

    Democrats get their asses handed to them in divorces, too. Liberal men get their kids taken away from them just like conservative men. Progressive men have just as many screwed-up relationships as anyone else, perhaps more. The uniting factor is that XY chromosome. We’re all men, regardless of our stance on taxes or Intelligent Design. And Game is an area that is largely apolitical. Take away the Feminism, and what’s political about trying to get laid?

    Feminist ideals were a necessary thing, once, back in the 60s when there really were severe barriers to women in the workforce. Those grievances, for good or ill, were largely addressed, just short of the ERA. Women now have academic, social, and economic advantages over men now. It might not be “equality” but it’s a more-or-less level playing field until you get into the lofty executive zone. But I don’t know many Fortune 500 CEOs, myself.

    But the feminist ideology is where things went horribly astray. When feminism went from being primarily about establishing equal legal rights to acknowledge the role that women played in the post-war workforce (and this was vitally important for the administration of Social Security and other programs) to being about promoting women against “the patriarchy” in every conceivable way, it went from being a mild, humanism-derived variation on the basic Rights of Man to being a savage gynocentric covenant determined to wipe out masculinity wholesale and replace it with a feminist-inspired version.

    The liberalization of divorce laws and the great wave of feminist-inspired 70s and 80s divorces shattered the cycle of masculinity. Boys were estranged from their fathers. Women began a pattern of rampant hypergamy. Men had no idea how to deal with the radical change in male-female relations. Some tried to adapt and became Betas, until they became ex-husbands. Some tried to pointlessly restore the social ancien regime by forming the conservative movement in America (or restoring it, depending upon your perspective).

    This is the Red Pill fact: men and women, under the universal principals of Humanism, deserve equal legal protections and social accommodations; however the ideal of “equality” falls short of the pragmatic reality, due to the nature of the difference inherent in male and female, and despite their best attempts to Hamster it away, the kind of gender-less society envisioned by feminism is not just practically impossible, it is not even desirable for the long-term survival of our species.

    And that’s the key: feminists see gender as a social construct, and to an extent they are right. But in saying so they miss the far more important point. Not that gender is “merely” a social construct, and therefore able to be changed around like a new version of software, it is a universal social construct. That means that gender has existed in every human culture, at all times in history. If gender wasn’t important, then you would find some cultures where it doesn’t exist. You don’t. Therefore a “genderless” human society is impossible.

    Taking the Red Pill as a liberal or progressive means accepting the fact that while you agree in principal that women should enjoy the same rights and responsibilities as men, in practice there are wide areas where “equality” is either unwelcomed or counter-productive. And that burns at the progressive soul.

    Women serving in the military voluntarily? Yes! Women drafted at the same rate men are in a time of war? Let’s make an exception. Women getting paid the same for the same amount of work, no matter how physical? Yes! Women held to the same physical standards as men for the jobs? Let’s make an exception. Women having an equal right to community property in the even of a divorce? Yes! Women having equal financial responsibilities and opportunity for custody as men? Let’s make an exception.

    When you take the Red Pill, you give up the exceptions, or acknowledge that there are some things in which Men just have to be given the room to be Men, before they’re progressives or liberals. Being pro-man doesn’t make you anti-woman, as many feminists suggest. Being pro-masculine doesn’t make you pro-rape. Taking the responsibility of leading your family, your wife included, as Captain of your little ship doesn’t make you an atavistic neanderthal chauvinist “barefoot and pregnant” throwback, it means that you are acknowledging the biological basis for male dominance in an interpersonal relationship.

    But taking the Red Pill might mean you have to give up bashing the Patriarchy, deferring to women’s sensibilities by default, and capitulating on every conceivable subject regardless of your own thoughts on the matter. It means not just holding yourself to honest account, it means being willing to hold your woman to honest account and not be swayed by her emotional manipulations to Hamsterize her flakiness. And there are a gracious plenty of pathologically flaky progressive women.

    But then the essential issue becomes this: can you be a good liberal, even a good progressive, without being a feminist?

    Y’know, if some of us had blogs over at HuffPo and DailyKos talking about the Manosphere, I betcha we’d get some attention. Just sayin’.

  15. Adam

    So, first of all, I don’t think Roissy and his ilk are social conservatives. Roissy is probably fine with gays and probably even believes that global warming is an anthropocentric phenomenon. Roissy is a hardcore anti-government ideologue who believes that redistributive taxation, Hispanic immigration, and any and all government regulation is the only thing preventing the United States from being the Shining City On The Hill. In short, he and his ilk are racist, hardcore libertarians – pretty much par for the course for angry, privileged, white elites.

    Secondly, the idea in the Manosphere that women are somehow dominating the world is patently absurd. Angela Merkel has an insane amount of power right now but, outside of her, the course of world events is still decided overwhelmingly by men.

    I agree that in the United States the legal regime has shifted decidedly against men. I completely agree that progressive men get burned just as badly (if not worse!) by divorce laws. I personally (26 years old) proposed to a girl, had my proposal accepted, and then rescinded my proposal when she refused to sign a pre-nup.

    I emphatically agree that the idea of a “genderless” society is not only impossible but undesirable. Their are intrinsic, genetic differences between the sexes that no amount of socialization will ever bridge. Women fire fighters are absurd, etc.

    The scorn that is heaped on females though is completely uncalled for. It isn’t their fault that they don’t want to fuck any time they are vaguely attracted to a guy – it’s how they are wired. I think that all that game is is learning how to be a better, more attractive man. Most any half-intelligent guy can fuck if he lowers his standards enough. In my view, all game is about is widening the horizon of girls who are amenable to fuck. Properly expressed it is a holistic prescription: from practical shit like how to groom yourself to more subtle shit like body language and psychological frame. Increasing your SMV if you will.

    So that’s why I read. What I didn’t sign up for is shit like Roissy’s Ted Kennedy post. That was just some shocking, virulent, racist shit. He pulled it within days (probably because he realized that it was legitimate hate speech) but if you search hard enough you can probably find an archived copy of it. Absolutely inexcusable and disgusting.

    And Roissy is not the exception. He is the rule and almost the blunt edge of the rule. This makes me feel sad on two separate vectors: a) it sucks that what I think is valuable insight is being distributed and imparted from a place of such wrongheaded hatred and b) it sucks that liberal men aren’t in tune with this and instead are – for the most part – hardcore betas.

    I suppose b) is ultimately to my advantage though. Haha.

    P.S. This shit would absolutely not fly at Kos or Firedoglake, both of which I subscribe too.


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