Read “Bankrupt,” And Also This New Blogger


Longtime Badger Hut admiree (and the guy I took the “apex fallacy” concept from*) the Elusive Wapiti was inspired by the annual New Year’s “fleshcapade” to pen a post called “Bankrupt.” I can’t say I disagree with his assessment of unbridled sexuality on the streets of winter – this past New Year’s I was the object of more than one unprovoked groping, and was often driven to wonder “isn’t she cold in that outfit?” His post centers on the shifting of value display among young women from dignified traits to base ones:

Used to be, other women, “good” girls, who realized that a portion of their value pivoted around virtue, didn’t want to be mistaken for a slut, whose value as a wife was steeply diminished. Yes, they wanted to signal their beauty, but they didn’t want their comeliness to overshadow the other qualities that made her attractive to a potential husband. Not today. “Pretty”, as this author calls it, is dead. Enter hotness”:

Young women today do not seem to aspire to pretty, they prefer to be regarded as hot. Hotness is something altogether different. When women want to be hot instead of pretty, they must view themselves in a certain way and consequently men view them differently as well. Pretty is cherished. Hotness, on the other hand, is a commodity. Its value is temporary and must be used. It is a consumable…

Most girls don’t want to be pretty anymore even if they understand what it is. It is ironic that 40 years of women’s liberation has succeeded only in turning women into a commodity. Something to be used up and thrown out.

What happened in Manchester over New Year’s Eve, and repeated in several other cities across England and doubtless here in the States, is what you get when an entire generation of young women, when asked “what else you got?”, look at the empty cupboard of their life, only to realize they had little else to offer. So they double and triple-down on the only attribute of value they have left, cheapening all in a sexual signalling arms race to the bottom..

Hotness is more than signalling. It’s a state of mind. It’s an environment, it’s surroundings, it is a climate of trust and safety and intimacy. It’s not simply just dressing like a streetwalker. For the latter is rude, off-putting, disrespectful, and transparent in its naked attempt to manipulate.

EW narrates his prose with a series of photos of dubiously-attractive women wearing little more than their drunked-up smiles for the cameras. If I didn’t know better I’d think it was a Slutwalk.

His idea ties into what I said in my post on male ladder theory:

  • The male psyche proffers separate mating marketplaces women sell into, one for relationships and another for sexual satisfaction (Ladder 1 and Ladder 2, also covered here).
  • Many women in the marketplace are unaware of this distinction, due to mis-education, hamsterwheeling, apathy, short-term orientation or narcissism.
  • The relationship ladder tolerates lower sexual value, and in fact often requires that you are less sexual, in exchange for enhanced commitment value (a reason you often see men marry women who are less hot than their hottest fling or one-night stand).

*Sourcing: In this post, EW linked an interview by Bernard Chapin of Dr Helen Smith, in which she quoted esteemed psychologist Roy Baumeister describing the selection bias in the feminist worldview. It appears that Chapin himself coined the term “apex fallacy.” Thanks, bro.


I was recently pointed to nascent blog JustBeAManAboutIt, and was impressed by his discussion of the evolutionary explanations* of female sexual preference. He dubs it the “Toba Selection Syndrome” after the catastrophic volcanic supereruption 70,000 years ago, and posits that the scientifically-validated female preference for dark triad traits resulted from massive selection pressures during the hypothesized population bottleneck.

In a wonderful narrative, he brings the pressures of the extinction-level event into a modern parable. He then notes that research “seems to indicate that these Dark Triad traits are merely a means of extracting resources from ones environment without invoking the retaliation of those who are exploited.” He augments a follow-up post with a visual flowchart of sexual selection:

I’m looking forward to more interesting analysis from him.


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10 responses to “Read “Bankrupt,” And Also This New Blogger

  1. Thanks for the linkage, Badger. And yes, still a man-fan of The Hut.

  2. Charm

    Ive NEVER understood the dressing like a street walker thing. I go to a big 10 school so there are literally hundred of girls dressed in short skirts, high heels, bare legs and its 30 degrees out. Its so commonplace in a college this size. A week ago Id gotten off work at midnight at a place near campus, and was walking home and there were soooo many girls in their “going out” clothes. Does a drink taste better when your hemline fall 6 inches above the knee? Is a party more exciting when you are donning 6 inch pumps and cleavage that has a life of its own? I realize its for attention, but when I asked girls this they never have a logical answer for it. They pause, think about it, then say, “I just like to dress up when I go out”. No one has ever said, “We do it cause it gets us attention from guys.”

  3. They don’t say that because they themselves don’t know it. Hipergamy is not something women are aware of. They don’t know they guy is attracted to her cleavage and butt bottom appearing everytime she leans a little. They think they get “pretty” or “cool” in their clothing, much the same way you just find a girl beautifull instead of finding yourself analysing her skin health, hair lenght, face simmetry and hips to waist ratio.

  4. jbamai

    Hey thanks for the shout out man. Nice to know someone’s reading this stuff I’m throwing up here. And yes you will most definately here interesting analysis from JBAMAI.

  5. Rhael makes a good point – it’s not necessarily conscious, it’s more like a behaviorist

    -Wear slutty outfit =
    –Get fashion praise from other girls
    –Get attention from guys

    It becomes a behaviorally-conditioned cycle where you don’t think about why you are doing something, your black-box psychology just pushes you to do it seeking a repeat of the previous reward.

    But this made me think:

    “when I asked girls this they never have a logical answer for it. They pause, think about it, then say, “I just like to dress up when I go out”.”

    I think this is just the rationalization hamster talking a bit. They know they are trying to out-hot the other chicks, they just can’t say it or it breaks the girl code and makes them look slutty.

    “Is a party more exciting when you are donning 6 inch pumps and cleavage that has a life of its own?”

    The Badger lol’d.

  6. P Ray

    Yup … the “high social value” people are those who manage to create in others the belief or behaviour that asking for reciprocation is somehow _wrong_ and that angering them is a very bad idea.
    Women don’t complain about alpha men too much vs. a beta guy that disappointed them … because they want another shot at him and don’t want his social value to rise via her complaints.
    Men don’t complain about alpha women too much because they’re aware of the relational aggression that alpha women use.
    But things manage to come equal in the end. What a nice thing, consequences of past actions.

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