Happy New Year

I’ll be writing a lot more for my one-year anniversary in a few weeks, but suffice it to say that 2011 was an interesting year for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was launching the Badger Hut and giving myself an outlet for all the thoughts and words on the many topics I discuss. I’d like to think I gave an outlet as well for all the commenters who have joined the conversation here. Multiple readers have told me they can’t discuss these topics with people in their real lives, and while that’s disappointing to hear it also validates my mission and keeps me motivated.

From the bowels of Manhattan where I’ll be spending the evening, everybody enjoy tonight!



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5 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. SayWhaat

    You better have deleted that picture.

  2. susanawalsh

    Is it really only a year? I feel like we’ve relied on the Badger far longer for incisive commentary.

    Congrats, that’s an awesome milestone. BTW, I was very relieved you’re proud of 200 posts.

  3. The Badger has a way of quickly making you feel like he’s an old friend.

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