Sandy Cohen: A Father’s Wisdom On Losing It

For those who recall Fox’s mid-decade hit The OC, Adam Brody’s quirky-emo portrayal of Seth Cohen, Newport Beach’s most eligible Jewish teenager, was a spectacle in its own right. Here he riffs with his father Sandy, played by Peter Gallagher (who played Sky Masterson in a Broadway revival of Guys And Dolls). Context: in an earlier scene, Seth consulted brooding bad boy Ryan about his first time, desperately seeking tricks of the trade and inadvertently referring to the incident as “fish sex” (flopping around on dry land).

Oh, you dog, you.


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6 responses to “Sandy Cohen: A Father’s Wisdom On Losing It

  1. That was…strange. The kid looks like he’s 28. They look like a same-sex couple. Anyhow, just wanted you to know I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award on my site because I enjoy your dry wit, your glib humor, your fundamental guyness.

    Not this nomination is both a blessing and a curse. It requires a somewhat Herculean post to fulfill all of its requirements. At the same time it encourages community betwixt bloggers as opposed to cutthroat competition. Have a look at it post holiday at

    And keep writing because you’re on a freakin’ roll Mister.

  2. Wudang

    Womanformerlyknownasbeutifull I see you work in hollywood. Any chance you can incorporate some manosphere wisdom into some of your work or pass some of the ideas around. I think there is a bunch of insights to base movies on in the manosphere.

  3. johnnymilfquest

    I’m 38.

    That’s the age where I could now play a teenager in an American high school drama.

  4. Interesting.I
    Never watched this show though.

  5. Shannon,

    Thanks for stopping by. I could wonder if that award wasn’t one of those Internet chain letters, but I’m going to be flattered instead.

    “And keep writing because you’re on a freakin’ roll Mister.”

    Why thank you. The muse has been kind to me lately.

  6. “They look like a same-sex couple.”

    LOL. Adam Brody prepped for the part by playing an equally dweeby guy on Gilmore Girls.

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