Irish Breakfast

I was in Boston a week or so ago and after getting accosted by Occupy Boston I stopped into one of the many Boylston Street brunch joints for an Irish Breakfast and (what else for breakfast?) a Manhattan. I snagged a seat at a window table where I could blog and also people-watch and camped for two hours.

It appears the meal is a triumph of expert-testimony marketing:

“The full breakfast traditionally comprises several fried foods, usually including bacon and eggs, and is popular throughout the British Isles and other parts of the English-speaking world. The name “bacon and eggs” was popularised by Edward Bernays in the 1920s. To promote sales of bacon, he conducted a survey of physicians and reported their recommendations that people eat hearty breakfasts. He sent the results of the survey to 5,000 physicians, along with publicity touting bacon and eggs as a hearty breakfast.”


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21 responses to “Irish Breakfast

  1. Stargate Girl

    OY! I can feel my ateries hardening just looking at the picture. *slurp* sure looks tasty!

  2. It looks wonderful! :)

  3. Reminds me of an Irish restaurant in Ottawa that offered an “Irish Four-Course Dinner” – three pints of Guinness and some fries.

  4. Ferd,

    That sounds like a great meal.

  5. 50fifty50

    That is unbelievable haha. Did you manage it?

    I could’ve helped.. just had to ask


  7. Where’s the soda bread and potato farls?

    Hash browns? Why?

    The tomato should be grilled.

    Baked beans is more part of the English breakfast, notwithstanding Wikipedia.

    I’m disappointed in Boston.

    Otherwise, a great breakfast, certainly. I’d enjoy that.

    As Scotch-Irish, though, I’m partial to the Ulster Fry, which is similar, but not quite the same, as a proper Irish breakfast.

  8. just visiting

    No wonder you camped out for 2 hours. It would take that long to eat it all. Sure looks good.

  9. Never would have thought of trying that on the rocks… I always think of that as an up drink. I’ve tried making a few Manhattans, and they have been pretty mediocre so far. What’s the secret?

  10. SayWhaat

    Manhattan for breakfast? You really do have a problem. :P

  11. Random Angeleno

    Reminds me of an old Irish joke:
    What’s a 7 course meal in Ireland?
    A six pack and a potato.

  12. Anything with “Manhatten” in the name should probably be illegal in Boston.

  13. OffTheCuff,

    Manhattans are kind of like sex – you have to experiment to find out what your taste is. What is it you find mediocre about yours?

    Personally, I order/make mine the following way:
    -Canadian Club whiskey
    -Heavy on the vermouth (Manhattan recipes can be 8:1 whiskey all the way up to 2:1)
    -On the rocks
    -In a rocks (lowball/old fashioned) glass
    -Two cherries (for extra sweetness)

    I don’t normally mention the bitters but when I make one at home I add two drops maximum. The drink should be flavorful, not just whiskey with a dash of something.

    The melting ice ever so slightly thins and softens the drink which offsets my tongue’s limited tolerance of sharp whiskey flavors. The low glass just feels more manly than a cocktail glass.

    I have found that ordering classic cocktails at the yuppie fern bars I tend to frequent gets me some cred as a classy guy.

  14. susanawalsh

    I don’t normally mention the bitters but when I make one at home I add two drops maximum. The drink should be flavorful, not just whiskey with a dash of something.

    So why do I have an unopened bottle of Angostura bitters?

    As for the breakfast, I can’t tell from the photo, but I hope it included real Irish bangers. Irish sausages are so yummy – they have cornmeal in them so they’re soft. Whole Foods sells them – highly recommended.

  15. I haven’t had any Manhattans at all, so I have no frame of reference to understand why my attempts weren’t good. A good martini changed me from hating gin to liking it, I figure a good Manhattan might do the same for whiskey.

    I know nothing about whiskey (Scotch being an exception) – is JD a horrible one to use?

  16. Now I am hungry. Well played.

    [I have that effect on people.]

  17. OTC,

    Next time you are out with StargateGirl at a halfway-decent restaurant with a bar (or out carousing), chat up the bartender and ask him to whip you up a couple of Manhattans, changing things up a bit on each one.

    On whiskeys, I don’t care for bourbon (what you’ll get if you order a Manhattan today) or Scotch (a Scotch Manhattan is called a Rob Roy) but I have enjoyed Canadian varieties – I find their smoothness allows more vermouth to be used without overpowering the flavor.

    I wouldn’t use Jack Daniels in one but it’s worth a try. I recommend Old Overholt rye or Canadian Club to start.

  18. “I hope it included real Irish bangers. Irish sausages are so yummy”

    Let’s just say I carry my Irish banger with me at all times.

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