Mommyland’s First World Problems

The girls from Rants From Mommyland have wrapped up their First World Problems contest. Susan Walsh herself contributed some whoppers. I was partial to the Starbucks one, but we ultimately decided that “the backyard looks ugly when the pool cover is on” took the cake for pure venal decadence.

They even spoofed the Crying Dawson image to include their own finalists. Well done, ladies.


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6 responses to “Mommyland’s First World Problems

  1. Anonymous age 69

    I live in the Third World. Third World problem: Water system got hit by lightning and it took ten days to get a new pump installed.

    Instead of suffering a major whine session, folks started a variety of coping tactics. Some took old pickups and carried containers of water from the big spring at the chapel. A widow who lives next door understood I have a large storage tank so she asked if she could have one five gallon pail of water a day. Yes.

    No one went smelly and dirty, and no one died of thirst. There were several small parties on schedule.

  2. I find that focusing on FWPs is a great diversion when I need a five minute break from the monotony of my blogging life.

  3. how about this one…..

    “my pool boy’s allergic to latex. “

  4. good one danny.

    the backyard and uggs ones are my favorites, but all very funny.

    you need to make this into a book!

  5. A variation of Danny’s:
    “The tennis pro at the country club is gay.”

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