Post Your First World Problems to

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Lydia & Kate at Rants From Mommyland (I really enjoyed their post about trying on swimsuits). They wanted to let me know they found the Badger Hut’s First World Problems page pretty swell, and though it was a damn fine idea to post about it themselves (their post got almost 200 entries – my readers be slacking, yo).

Then they rewarded me by making me a celebrity judge for their FWP contest this week! Myself and two others will be judging the entries and posting results on Friday. $50 will be donated to Toys for Tots in the winner’s name. So get posting and make me proud.


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2 responses to “Post Your First World Problems to

  1. That’s awesome! That’s a nice link – they say they get 600K visitors a month. Well done, Badge. I’m going to head over there now with a specific mommy FWP.

  2. SayWhaat

    Hahaha so you went with it!

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