Reader Exercise: Sexual Function Indexes for Men and Women

Too-good-to-not-include photo from Barker's latest post.

Eric Barker’s excellent Barking Up The Wrong Tree blog describes, in short pithy posts, dozens of psychological truisms and well-being lifehacks with research to back them up. I’ve linked him several times.

In a pair of posts outlining how yoga improves sexual performance in both men and women, he cites studies which use two indices of sexual function to measure the effect of lifestyle habits on men’s and women’s sexual health. (A significant part of psychological research canon is the development of measurement systems for human behaviors that can’t be expressed with rulers, clocks or scales.)

The Male Sexual Quotient or MSQ is a ten-question exam distilling sexual functioning into a single numerical metric. This abstract from Johns Hopkins noted that the average time to complete the exam was 11 minutes, and that 46% of men taking the survey exhibited, um, premature finishing. It took half the guys longer to finish the exam than to finish.*

The Female Sexual Function Index or FSFI uses 19 questions to rate female function in six categories: desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, and pain. (I suppose that’s a testament to the complexity of female sexuality.)

OK, so out with it – take the appropriate exam and post your numbers!

Ladies first:

The Male Sexual Quotient exam was cribbed from a Google Books link here.

Answer this questionnaire honestly based on the last 6 months of your sex life, rating your answer as follows.

1 = infrequently or rarely
2 = sometimes
3 = nearly 50% of the time
4 = most of the time
5 = always

1. Is your desire high enough to encourage you to initiate sexual intercourse?

2. Do you feel confident in your ability of seduction?

3. Do you feel that foreplay is enjoyable and satisfying for both you and your partner?

4. Is your own sexual performance affected by your partner’s sexual satisfaction?

5. Can you maintain an erection sufficiently in order to complete sexual activity in a satisfactory way?

6. After sexual stimulation, is your erection hard enough to ensure satisfying intercourse?

7. Are you able to consistently obtain and maintain an erection whenever you have sexual activity?

8. Are you able to control ejaculation so that sexual activity lasts as long as you want?

9. Are you able to reach orgasm during sex?

10. Does your sexual performance encourage you to enjoy sex more frequently?

TOTAL MAXIMUM SCORE: 50. Add up the numbers and multiply by 2.

82-100: Highly sassified.**

62-80: Partially sassified.

42-60: Average.

22-40: Dissassified.

0-20: Highly dissassified.

*Waka waka!

**”Sassified” is not in my browser’s spelling dictionary.


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19 responses to “Reader Exercise: Sexual Function Indexes for Men and Women

  1. Alpha

    I got 94. 5’s all the way down except for question 4 “Is your own sexual performance affected by your partner’s sexual satisfaction?”

    Lol no. Is my dick wet? Then I’m having a good time.

    This was awesome. I want to give the female one to my lady friend and see where she ranks on it.

  2. According to this survey, I qualify as “Sexual Tyrannosaurus.” Ladies take note.

  3. Timothy Webster


  4. Jen

    THis is jen


    I don’t get what this measures, I can tell you what my my score means.

    I don’t walk around aroused all the time..but when I do have sex I enjoy it, and I can have some pain during vaginal intercourse. So why is that interesting to anyone?

  5. Ribbon Butterfy

    Hi Badger,

    You asked me to stop by for a consult. I’m actually not brave enough yet to consult you on this turf, and this post is really not about that point, so… I decided to also take this test while I was here! (17/36… but I don’t have a partner and I don’t use dildos, so the last six questions were biased low. The real score is somewhere around 24. A passing grade. I find it telling that they don’t leave any interpretations on the FSFI).

  6. SayWhaat

    I only got as far as the third question, which asked me how often I was aroused during intercourse in the past 4 weeks.

    Haha. Hahahaha.

    F**k you.

    [I’ll take your testiness as an IOI.]

  7. Anacaona

    I actually stopped when I notice there were not interpretation for the grades. So I guess the questions are more for ourself to reflect in our answers I did very good, no pain, plenty of lubrication and arousal and easy to orgasm. I think I’m doing fine then :). I guess this is a good test to do one selves every five years or so, making sure everything is working properly.

  8. Looking Glass

    I’ve missed something between SayWhaat & Badger!

  9. Jack Amok

    I’m sorry, I looked at the picture included with the post and needed to go spend some time with my wife. Fell asleep afterwards. Never did get back to taking the quiz.

  10. CL

    I don’t understand how the scoring works on the female one. It’s weird. Of course, I don’t really need a quiz to tell me I’m a freak.

  11. I don’t understand the confusion about the female exam scoring – it’s normalizing arithmetic so the scores wind up weighted the same. Also, why the worry that there’s no interpretation for the scores?

    I do find it interesting how the female test was designed to evaluate many different factors separately, while the male test. I’m curious if there was a research reason for that or if the test designers were playing into the cultural trope that female sexuality is complicated and male sexuality is not. As a certified dude, I can tell you that men can and do have myriad separate sexual issues much like women – loss of basic desire, the function of the plumbing, difficulty reaching orgasm, and a super-mind-fu** where your mental arousal can expire while your physical arousal does not, leaving you in the middle of something that all of a sudden has zero pleasure value.

    LookingGlass, you haven’t missed anything…yet.

  12. 108spirits

    OT: many moons ago, I had to do an English test (the listening-comprehension component) for immigration purpose. The woman hired to watch us looked & dressed like that “professor” in the blog photo. Despite having very fluent English, I barely got passing mark for that test. Turned out that I couldn’t listen & comprehend shit when my mind and blood flow were both in the wrong places.

  13. Nice one, 108. I believe there was another Eric Barker post citing an experiment where men did more poorly on tests after being exposed to a beautiful woman.

  14. 108spirits

    Even that photo has completely killed any serious intention I have of actually reading your blog post. It looks long & stuff, all I notice is sexual function and a hot female teacher. I’d rather just stare at the photo and bring back the horny memories. :P My blog reading skillz has dropped to zero. :(

  15. rmaxd

    I highly doubt yoga improves sexual drive in men, unless you include exposing men to yoga classes …

    If you want to boost a guys sex drive, pump weights increase your testosterone … anything but cardio or toning exercises such as yoga

  16. rmaxd

    Oh by the way eric barker also thinks chewing sugar filled bubble gum is a wonder drug …

  17. rmaxd,

    I’m going to need a source for that bubble gum claim.

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