Daylight Frisson

I went to a football game this weekend; it was sunny and I forgot my sunblock. I went to the apparel booth to buy a hat where an overweight middle-aged woman helped me.

“Excuse me, can I see that hat? [I points]”

“Sure you can…”

“Is it a fitted cap or is it resizeable for my melon?”

She looks it over. “It has this strap on the back, so surely you can change the size to fit you.”

“Dear, you don’t have to call me Shirley.”

She made the sale anyway.


I was making a delivery and found myself in an elevator with a young woman (I think she was a secretary for one of the VIPs in the building). By a quick glance I noticed her blue top matched her metallic toenail polish.

[Deadpan] “Are your toes and your shirt coordinated on purpose?”

[Blank-but-not-annoyed look] “You know, this morning I had on closed-toe shoes, and then I noticed I matched, so I changed to open-toed shoes.” (The unspoken subtext being “so people could notice.”)

I noticed her eyes had a similar shade of blue. (I don’t normally notice eye color.)

“And they both match your eyes too. That’s really good coordination.”

[Giggly] “Hahaha, thanks for noticing.”


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6 responses to “Daylight Frisson

  1. johnnymilfquest

    You commented on her toes, shirt and eyes in an elevator?

    Good job you’re not an Irish atheist inviting her back for coffee.

    By the way, I know that you gave Roosh’s impersonal Elderly Chat a good test drive. How did you get on with that?

  2. Ooohhh, love the Day Game. I think women can actually run Day Game, why not? It’s just all about being charming and friendly. Well done!

  3. WillieMaize24

    Susan it’s not game. Badger didn’t say where she was on the scale of 1-10. If a woman wears blue toe nail polish it’s a sign of a bad case of toe nail fungus, or deficient aesthetic judgment. If she responds to a guy the way she did, it’s a shit test.
    Badger you needed to neg her (maybe mention how the blue nails reminded you of the time you got frostbite or the time your high school class visited the morgue), or ignore her (except maybe to deign to acknowledge her presence.)

  4. just visiting

    Shit test? How? Really, I could see myself in the same situation saying the same things.

  5. I didn’t see any of it as a shit test, we’re just passing the time in the elevator. Short conversations like this with women who are “un-closeable” have been invaluable in building up my verbal-game skills.

  6. Bob

    Life is practice for more life. If he can amuse a relative stranger for a minute in an elevator without creeping her out, which can take work, he’s honing a tool that he can use elsewhere.

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