The Funniest Search Term Yet

One reader came to my blog by searching for “how to get the office ballbuster back?”

(I assume he means payback, not romantic rekindling.)



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9 responses to “The Funniest Search Term Yet

  1. That’s hilarious. I would love to see a post spring from that.

  2. “The office ballbuster” sounds like something I’d rather get rid of, not keep.

  3. I got back at the office ballbuster by getting a new job.

    I bumped into her later in town. She said “I hear you are enjoying your new job, I’m glad you are enjoying it.”

    I said, “I bet you are.”

  4. Ahh, “get back” as in “get revenge upon,” not “regain possession of.” Read that wrong.

  5. johnnymilfquest

    Call her “mistress”. Ask her if she’d like you to wear a gimp mask to work.

  6. A surprising number of search phrases that led to my blog were GBFM specials, e.g. “fiat butthex asscocking”. Most of them only had one hit, so I suspect the great man of vanity searching. Either he or someone blatantly ripping off his style has lately been posting on a white-preservationist blog lately, but with perfect spelling, grammar, and fairly deep insight.

  7. Alpha

    I’ve gotten a reader from searching for “Chubby Sex” which really makes me wonder just what exactly I’m writing about…

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