Joining Yohami in the 200 Club

On Thursday the Badger Hut (that’s me, yo) surpassed 200,000 views.

Party on.


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15 responses to “Joining Yohami in the 200 Club

  1. johnnymilfquest

    You should have embedded a Rick Astley video there. I thought you meant 200 women.

  2. Congrats, Badger! Haha, you really had me going there for a second.

  3. I thought the same thing as Johnny. “Wow, Badger’s banged 200 girls? Damn”

  4. Internet preselection.

  5. Ver’ NOICE!!!!! congrats Brother.

    in other new’s i’ll be dumping over 200 rounds this weekend at the range.

  6. Anacaona

    Congrats Badgerisimo.
    I should count my views in my Spanish blog it looks like ;)

  7. Damn your eyes!

    I am almost at 150K.

  8. Wait, I am over 150K… nevermind.

  9. I might be late but congrats.Much alpha props.Pop some bottles and enjoy lol.

    [You’ll find me in the club. Bottles full of bubb.]

  10. Congratulations Badger!

  11. Congratulations Badger

  12. 1lettuce

    Congrats, badger. I appreciate the advice you give on your blog.

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