Mini-Field Report: When She Isolates

One of the key logistical steps of escalation/seduction is isolation, which is what it sounds like – the movement of a man and his target to heighten the sense of privacy and intimacy and remove distractions and cockblocks. It is so universal it was quoted in Athol Kay’s book, and in married/relationship life it takes on a more metaphysical meaning of getting your wife away from the stresses of the domestic sphere so she can feel comfortable being sexual without worrying the dishes need to get done.

My isolation game is hit and miss, but I was recently treated to a very subtle case of female-initiated isolation I was able to capitalize on.

After introducing a woman to a new form of mixed drink at my local, we returned to our clump of friend groups and continued chatting with each other. Her friend came up and told her “we’re going back to the bar.”

She said, “OK…I’ll be there in a minute.” And stayed with me.

A woman following a man’s invitation into an isolated position is one thing; a woman overtly deciding to not leave a man’s side to go back to her sisterhood is a higher class of IOI. We didn’t move, everyone else did – but she made sure we didn’t move with them. Being the game-sensitive man I am, I took it as a green light to escalate; she either wanted to be alone with me or was absurdly bored with her friends.

I invoked a Roosh gambit and challenged her to a staring contest. I accused her of cheating and told her my contact solution made me blink (I don’t wear contacts). She laughed. I moved in to kiss her and she demurred, shifting her head away with a “uh uh” kind of sound.

Key thing, she was still there. A real rejection would have included her excusing herself somehow. So I stayed, propped my arm against the wall to create frame and kept talking.

About ten minutes later we got onto the topic of body types and how picky women can be (she said she had broad tastes, which I used to feed her snowflake by telling her she was unlike most women), and she then felt the need to tell me I had “a nice body” and “a nice face.”

I looked her in the eye with mild surprise.

She didn’t say no to the second kiss.


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23 responses to “Mini-Field Report: When She Isolates

  1. well played Badger, very good recovery brother.

    indeed, not leaving your side was an EPIC IOI. rejecting the first kiss was a shit test that you destroyed. i’ll email you soon.

  2. johnnymilfquest

    Well done Badger. Give her a pseudonym and keep us all posted on your progress with her.

  3. 1lettuce

    Very nice, Badger. Smooth, my friend.

  4. 1lettuce,

    Nice to hear from you, what’s new?

  5. It’s not what happens to you that matters, but how you react to what happens to you. – Epic lesson here.

  6. Anonymous Reader

    Very good work, a sound example of inner Game, and a real service to write it up as you did.

  7. Weasel,

    Thanks for commenting and for blogrolling me at your house.

  8. That must have felt great. Right on!

    [You know it.]

  9. Anacaona

    Congrats Badgerisimo! :)

  10. First Red Pill rule when dealing with women: Actions over words.

  11. Bb

    It’s the very same advice for women too, Privateman. I didn’t pay attention to what a guy said to me about his intentions: his actions always spoke louder than his words.

    This rule can be applied everywhere, actually. At work, I’ve noticed that most people who blow their own horns have the least to show for it. The quieter ones—the ones who are actually doing work, have more to show. They’re spending time doing, rather than talking.

  12. Bb

    Oh, Badger btw—very nice!

  13. 7man

    At the first kiss attempt, she didn’t mean “NO,” she meant “Not yet.” You did not withdraw but instead kept flirting, did a cold read and built rapport. Of course her physical response the second time you attempted to kiss her was a “Yes, now!” Women like a mating dance with a skilled partner.

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  18. Michael Maier

    “So I stayed, propped my arm against the wall to create frame and kept talking.”

    Just curious, how was this accomplished? It’s a bit vague in the piece.

  19. Michael Maier,

    We were facing each other along a wall (shoulders perpendicular to the wall). So I just raised my arm nearest the wall and rested my forearm on the wall. It made me look taller and more relaxed.

  20. Funny that I don’t think I’ve ever done that intentionally before this morning chatting with a lovely lady I’ve never seen before in my building (3000+ people here). Something clicked and it felt natural and I think it worked. I just wish I’d 1) remembered to look for a ring and 2) introduced myself. I need to do this a lot more.

  21. And the best part is that I did it BEFORE reading your reply. Dang stupidly little things I should’ve had under my belt years ago….

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