Scientific Evidence for the Game Effectiveness of Kino

Thanks to his Twitter (God that follow is addictive), psychology citation-master Eric Barker unwittingly chimed in on my morning post about the difficulty of learning kinesthetic social skills in today’s touch-averse American culture.

Previous research has shown that light tactile contact increases compliance to a wide variety of requests. However, the effect of touch on compliance to a courtship request has never been studied. In this paper, three experiments were conducted in a courtship context. In the first experiment, a young male confederate in a nightclub asked young women to dance with him during the period when slow songs were played. When formulating his request, the confederate touched (or not) the young woman on her forearm for 1 or 2 seconds. In the second experiment, a 20-year-old confederate approached a young woman in the street and asked her for her phone number. The request was again accompanied by a light touch (or not) on the young woman’s forearm. In both experiments, it was found that touch increased compliance to the man’s request. A replication of the second experiment accompanied with a survey administered to the female showed that high score of dominance was associated with tactile contact. The link between touch and the dominant position of the male was used to explain these results theoretically.

Source: “Courtship compliance: The effect of touch on women’s behavior” from Social Influence, Volume 2, Issue 2, 2007, Pages 81 – 97

Link here. As C. Everett Koop said, I think the debate is over.


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2 responses to “Scientific Evidence for the Game Effectiveness of Kino

  1. Anonymous Reader

    Men in LTR’s should also pay attention to this result. Deploying subtle, very light kino as often as possible is a very useful tool in many situations. It can help to defuse unreasonable anger, it can reinforce direction, and if used routinely it can assist in gaining compliance. Kino is another aspect of Game that “speaks” directly to parts of the female brain (or psyche, for blank slatists). One must be a bit careful not to overdo kino to the point where it becomes obvious; you don’t want her to ask “Why are you trying to guide me across the street”, it should be done subtly enough that she just finds herself going along in the required or desired direction.

    (As a tangential PS, note that confidence men, used car salesmen, etc. often use kino on both men and women, in different ways, to steer them around and direct them. So being aware of the misuses of kino is a good defense, just as being aware of the proper uses of kino is wise.)

    Great find.

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