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  1. R

    Couldn’t bear to watch the whole thing.. Couldn’t even watch a full minute.

    How could we forget? This fucking “don’t forget” meme is ridiculous. No one alive at that moment will EVER forget that day. Even if we could.

    And here’s what I remember, just as much as the 3,000+ people who died–WTC 7–a third building, roughly 40 stories tall and a block away, fell that afternoon, with NO explainable cause. It was not hit by aircraft. It hardly burnt.

  2. jack

    Another “truther”? Please.

  3. detinennui32

    Thanks, Badger.

  4. R

    Jack–maybe you can explain what happened to WTC 7. The 9/11 commission didn’t mention it in the official report. Not once.

    “Truther,” especially when it’s placed in quotes, seems to be a slam, but if it connotates someone who seeks the truth of matters, no matter how ugly or uncomforable, then I must be guilty of being one.

    It’s a sad that so many Americans are cowed by fear, by notions that “patriots” don’t question their government. It’s also sad that the state of general education in this country is so low that people can’t see the obvious problems of simple physics in the official explanations.

  5. R, I think the truthers are motivated (at least in part) because they cannot believe there is a whole culture out there that wants to kill them – even though they’ve never met or anything.

    It’s easier for some folks in the truther movement to rationalize this as a government conspiracy, because they can understand the government’s supposed motive easier than the Taliban or some group like Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad.

    I’m here to tell you, though – the government doesn’t give a shit about you as long as you keep paying your taxes and buying products like a good little consumer.

    JTJ and Salafiah al-Mujahidiah, on the other hand, hate your fucking guts. Yes, YOU – the guy reading this. I know you’ve never met them and have no beef at all with those cats – but THEY HATE YOU. Nothing would give them greater pleasure than to put a bullet in your brain. They want to kill your wife/girlfriend, too, because she doesn’t accept Allah and Mohammed as his prophet. If they blow up your children, well, that’s just fewer infidels they need to kill later, isn’t it? If you get lucky and kill them first, they’re going to heaven, so it’s a win-win for them.

    Could the US have handled that area of the world a little better? Sure. But I’ve met some of these guys, and let me tell you – there are some dangerous, smart, tough motherfuckers out there who don’t give a good goddamn what the State Department does, or what you think or say or rationalize. The only way you could possibly reason with them is if you first converted to their brand of Islam – anything less and you’re just a sub-human target to them.

    I know that’s hard to believe for many Americans, but it’s a fact.

    Seek the truth and dig for the dirt – that’s great. Just make sure you aren’t engaging in self-protective rationalization. You’ll end up pointing your finger at the wrong group of folks.

    I’m going to eat a piece of bacon. Ta ta!

  6. 1lettuce

    It’s weird to think how long ago 9/11 was. Things seemed so much calmer before then. Though really, if anything, 9/11 woke us up to the fact that Islamic Extremist Groups hate the West and it’s value system. I think that’s the only “positive” from this attack: we became more aware of our dangers.

    The one thing I remember the most about 9/11 was how quiet the night after was, when all airplanes were grounded.

    I never heard such silence before, and never had again.

  7. R


    There is no doubt that Islam hates us, our freedoms, our culture, and our wealth.

    There’s also no question that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by an islamic jihadist group.

    The big questions, at least for me, revolve around who else (inside the US government and/or US corporations) knew and participated.

  8. jack

    I’d be willing to put George Soros on the short list.

  9. SayWhaat

    The one thing I remember the most about 9/11 was how quiet the night after was, when all airplanes were grounded.

    I never heard such silence before, and never had again.

    That was the creepiest part, walking my dog at night and not hearing a single plane in the sky…

  10. SayWhaat

    There is no doubt that Islam hates us, our freedoms, our culture, and our wealth.

    *sigh* I know I shouldn’t engage the troll, but…

    “Islam” means “peace.” Muslims are peaceful people. Extremists are terrorists, regardless of their religious affiliation (see: Anders Behring Breivik of the Norway terrorist attacks).

  11. SayWhaat is absolutely correct.

    Most of my college professors hate the US more than 99.9% of the Muslims I’ve ever met. The 0.1% of the Muslims that used to shoot at me and try and blow me up have a thousand times the balls, integrity, skill, and determination of those same dumbass professors.

  12. It’s interesting how misinformation gets spread so easily.

    “Islam” does not mean “peace”. It means “submission”. A “Muslim” is a “submitter” or “one who submits”. The Arabic word for peace is “salaam”, as in the typical Arabic greeting “As-Salaamu Aleikum”, which generally is translated as “peace be with you”, a common middle-eastern form of greeting as we can also see from the texts of the new testament.

    It’s certainly true that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are not terrorists. But there’s no need to distort the language, or gussy up the religion in general, to assert that truth.

    See, e.g., :

  13. Retrenched

    “Most of my college professors hate the US more than 99.9% of the Muslims I’ve ever met.”

    This has been my experience as well.

  14. Stephenie Rowling

    This has been my experience as well.

    ??!!! I though it was common knowledge that a lot of people hate USA both inside and outside. Is the price to pay to be the empire. I’m sure Rome wasn’t popular with every single citizen either.

  15. SayWhaat

    @ Brendan:

    My bad, thanks for correcting. I’m not Muslim but I do try to prevent people from making negative generalizations about other cultures.

  16. The truthers have no credibility. Their science is bogus, all the buildings involved collapsed in accordance with the way they were engineered. What happened on 9/11 was that nineteen wackos hijacked four planes and flew them into buildings in the name of a perverted, radical ideology developed in the 1950’s by an Egyptian martyr. Occam’s Razor is in effect – the simplest explanation in this case accounts for all factors of the 9/11 disaster; introducing conspiracy theories (that would have to be concealed for life by dozens of participants) offends the common sense.

    My real question for the truthers is, if you believe the government of the country you live in would kill 3,000 of its own people for the enabling of political shenanigans, how is it you can talk, blog and post on the issue ad nauseum? Wouldn’t a government with that little regard for human life have dissenters snatched up and locked away without a blink?

  17. Bob

    9/11 was a classic barbarian raid. It was only tangentially about the USA. It was an attempt to count coup, to raise Al Qaeda’s prestige in the Islamic, primarily Arab world. OBL was surprised that the towers fell.

    It worked for a while. The Arab streets danced to the same instinctive thrill you get when your team wins. They aren’t dancing now.

    We are doing some of the right things. OBL is dead. Al Qaeda are hunted rats. We are responding it in an unnecessarily wasteful and expensive way.

    I would have emphasized humiliation over punitive expeditions. Multiple 20 ton practice bombs filled with liquid bison dung delivered by stealth bomber from 50,000 feet to each of Saddam’s presidential sites might have been a good start. Call it agricultural aid.

    The embarrassment might have been fatal.

  18. i’ve lived all over the world (asia AND europe, europe TWICE actually), and guess what……there are people out there that want you dead just for being an american.

    sleep well.

  19. 108spirits

    Lots of people hate Americans. Down here in Australia, we all hate you, just not enough to kill you, and we’re your ally. It’s not that you guys are inherently hate-able, but you’re too ignorant of what your democratically elected government do overseas in your name that make people hate you.

  20. 108-

    Unfortunately, I do know. And I don’t blame you guys, I dislike our overseas FP as well.

  21. Bob, dropping buffalo poo on Saddam’s houses is funny as hell. I think it would actually improve the looks of some of them – that guy was more gaudy than classy. He had terrible taste in architecture. Dude did have some fabulous bathrooms, though.

    Unfortunately, you’d get the Arab street up in arms about the US using biological weapons against innocent Muslims.

  22. Bob


    Not if we framed it correctly. Agricultural aid delivered free of charge out of the goodness of our hearts. Preparation supervised by (hostile) imams to certify only bison dung was used.

    The USA has more than a century of politically incorrect history dealing with semi-nomadic tribesmen. Humiliation was a key tool. I bet we could still find old men on the reservation happy to consult on lethal practical jokes.

  23. Bob


    WWII was a traumatic experience for OZ. Invaded by a country where the men spoke an exotic version of English and still had old fashioned game. The Brits hated us too. “Over paid, over sexed, and over here.”

  24. Bob, let’s get both sides together over a traditional American breakfast – pancakes, sausage, bacon, and eggs.

  25. Bob

    It’s sad that our last president to win the Nobel peace prize while in office was Teddy Roosevelt. That three power pact was one slick piece of diplomacy.

    It’s as futile to expect policy finesse from the USA as from China.

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