The Song’s Name is Baba O’Riley

We interrupt regular Badger Hut programming to blow up a pet peeve.

Repeat after me…

Baba O’Riley.

Baba O’Riley.

Baba O’Riley.

The song’s name is not “Teenage Wasteland.”

I remember as a teenager finding my dad’s vinyl copy of Who’s Next and throwing it on the turntable. Baba O’Riley was the opening track. At first I thought “what the F is with these keyboards?” Then the song actually began, one of the top ten blowaway new music experiences for me.

Also, it’s called “Every Breath You Take,” not “I’ll Be Watching You.”

“Take a load off Annie” is a lyric; that song is called “The Weight.”

Fill in other mis-remembered song titles in the comments so we can continue to educate the masses.


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12 responses to “The Song’s Name is Baba O’Riley

  1. Even my toddler knows it’s “Baba O’Riley”.

  2. You’re being a good father.

  3. besides which, “baba o’riley” is a way cooler name than “teenage wasteland”.

  4. “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World

    is NOT titled “Everything Will Be All Right”

  5. Blues

    I’ve heard quite a few people call N.E.R.D.’s “Lap Dance” “I’m a Dirty Dog”. Guess it’s a common mistake for people to think the most repeated lyric is the name of a song.

  6. susanawalsh

    Every Breath You Take was a huge hit because it stoked fantasies for women. The Hot Stalker Fantasy is powerful, and the idea of a hot guy who just can’t get over us when it’s done is chick crack.

  7. So if The Proclaimers were responsible for Every Breath You Take, it wouldn’t have been a hit with the ladies?

  8. sestamibi

    Thanks for that. Back in 1981 I had a spirited discussion with a very hot chick over that. I lost my shot at her (not that I had one anyway–she was too young for me) after I brought my copy of “Who’s Next” in to the office to prove it.

  9. detinennui32

    The song by Rod Stewart is “Young Turks”. It is not “Young Hearts (Beat Free Tonight)” or some other variation.

  10. jlw

    It’s “Anna” – not “Go With Him”
    It’s “Annie’s Song” – not [fill in guess from lyrics here]
    It’s “The Spirit of Radio” – not “Spirit of the Radio”
    It’s “Song 2” not “Wuhoo!”
    It’s “Orinoco Flow” not “Sail Away”
    It’s “Dead Girls Don’t Say No” not “We’ll Be Together”

  11. It’s “Finnegan’s Wake”, not “Whack fol the dah now dance to yer partner”.

  12. Eumaios,

    I think the Proclaimers would have a hard time pulling off EBYT. 500 Miles was creepy enough.

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