WordPress Is Money and Doesn’t Even Know It

Plenty of PUAs use WordPress blog technology, but who knew you could learn PUA from WordPress.com itself? When I published my last post, I was taken to a status page that suggested new post topics:

Need an idea for your next post?

Choose a prompt to start a new post:

  • What’s the most enjoyable hour of your typical weekday?
  • Describe your best friend from childhood.
  • What are the first things you notice about people you just met?

I thought to myself, damn, those are actually pretty good questions for an approach or a first date. Always good to have some standbys in the toolbox.

Happy hunting.



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3 responses to “WordPress Is Money and Doesn’t Even Know It

  1. 108spirits

    Make sure you save those questions for smart chicks, for they will just annoy your average girls.

  2. johnnymilfquest

    Yesterday WordPress asked me “did you see that fight outside?”. Today it asked if it could get “a human opinion on something”.

    When I was on Blogger, it used to tease me by screwing with the comments, ignoring me and talking to all my friends.

    Neither blogging platform has bought me a drink yet.

  3. jack

    Nice Swingers reference.


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