Reader Alert: Fill In Your First World Problems.

You heard me.


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9 responses to “Reader Alert: Fill In Your First World Problems.

  1. johnnymilfquest

    Is it just me or did everything get veeeewy quiet since Susan Walsh went on vacation?

    Is everyone out in the sunshine stateside?

  2. OffTheCuff

    My parents never divorced, and I was never abused, so now I’m a boring person. Waah!

  3. My Name Is Jim

    My co-worker drags out the meeting by asking the boss dumb questions

    I just want to go back to my desk and check Facebook

  4. My Name Is Jim

    The guy using the microwave before me didn’t press clear after he took his food out

    I had to press it before putting my food in!

  5. My Name Is Jim

    The clerk handed me my change with the coins on top of the bills

    I dropped a couple of pennies

  6. My Name Is Jim

    The tines on this fork don’t line up straight
    Feels weird when I eat off it

    (I could do this all day.)

  7. My Name Is Jim

    The drive thru window gave me only 2 packets of ketchup

    Now I’m eating my fries plain

  8. My Name Is Jim

    I got stuck at a red light for 37 seconds

    There was nobody coming the other direction

  9. Good work guys, but please leave the problems on the sticky page in the link, not on this post itself.