Frame Busters: Ocean’s Eleven

(Video embedding was disabled upon request so you’ll have to click the link yourself.)

Frame #1: You are a habitual criminal, WTF is up with that?

Frame #2: I did crazy shit because my wife left me.

He reinforces the frame with the follow-up answer (“she can’t leave me again”). The frame is congruent – he better explains, and believes in, his view than they do theirs. He wins.


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4 responses to “Frame Busters: Ocean’s Eleven

  1. this is something i’m really trying to absorb and learn: “reframing”. it’s very applilcable in every conversation you could ever have. it’s LEADING the conversation where you want it to go and projecting your POV over the other persons.

    i still have quite a bit to learn, but the journey worth taking is never a short one. i’m in for the long haul.

  2. The first step in re-framing is to realize what frame is being projected onto you so you can countermand it.

  3. which i can typically do, i’m pretty intuitive as to human nature so i can usually get a person’s angle fairly quick. it’s just the “reframing to project my needs/wants” that gets me. see…..i’m either AWFUL in the moment, or spot on brilliant. at times, i need a minute or 2 to ponder/decipher an interaction…..then i can come in guns blazing. i just need time to do so. and, well… impromptu social interactions, you don’t always have that luxury.

    so i resort to my biggest and best weapon…….humor. i can make people laugh VERY easily. and i’m a pretty decent flirt. every woman i come in contact with gets flirted with. still, i need to learn how to move from making her laugh and feel comfy, to making her “attracted”. in such a case…..i’m a work in progress. whatever may be “natural” about me, i want to fine tune into something i’m in control of, rather than just charging in and hoping it pan’s out (which is my current MO).

    in the story, it was VERY easy….i know women back home. but outside NO, very different story.

    keep posting, so i can keep learning.

    stay up brother.

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