Love In An Elevator

There’s been a minor kerfuffle lately about an incident at an atheist conference in which a woman expressed great insult that a drunk man asked her out in an elevator.

I don’t have anything to add, I just wanted an excuse to post this song.



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13 responses to “Love In An Elevator

  1. Martini

    Just because accuracy matters: the man in question did not “ask her out.”
    This implies some kind of interest in dating or whatever passes for dating these days. He told her how interesting she was and would she like to go to his room for coffee to TALK further – ha ha, I think we know what the fella had in mind, don’t we? (4 AM, foreign country – he figures chick is up for it, why not? well, not always stud! did she give you those IOI’s?)

    Hear for yourself; start at 5:06. She doesn’t really sound all that hysterical about the incident; looks like bit of a bluestocking, right? Not really the Snooki Jersey Shore type. More like the type that would not be into sex with strangers.) That is all.

  2. Kathy

    This woman is a boring pain in the arse. Sheesh. I couldn’t watch too much of her video. Had the guy not been drunk I doubt whether he would have hit on her. Certainly after having had a conversation with her, I would think THAT would be enough to make him flaccid. ;)

    [You can always count on Kathy for straight talk.]

    Just love that song, too, Badger.

    Have you seen this parody of another of Aeosmith’s songs?

  3. Kathy

    Shoot! AEROSMITH! Lol..

  4. Steven Tyler’s costume, especially the hat in the intro, evokes none other than Mystery.

    Also notice the voluptuousness of the women in the video (relative to today at least).

  5. Jennifer

    Hi Kathy! *waves*

    Funny if tasteless vid, I love the way your mind jumped to that.

  6. Kathy

    Lol. Right back atcha Jen. :D

  7. 108spirits

    Wouldn’t put it past a feminist to make shit up in her latest victim fantasy for some attention whoring.

  8. I agree with the simplest explanation I read – all the protest is simply a covert way for her to brag that she got hit on.

  9. My Name Is Jim

    I don’t think even in my darkest beta days I would have hit on her. Good thing for him she said no, can you imagine what he’d be accused of if they did end up alone in his room.

  10. Opus

    I find a certain frission in the fact that this happened at an Atheist Conference. The people from the clear thinking zone, yet when it comes to it – as Badger I think correctly suggests – the ’empowered’ more advanced woman uses the ‘hit’ to get mileage out of showing that she is desirable. One kind of hoped for more sense and less manipulation from Atheists – but no – just as bad and delsuional as any old religionist.

  11. “all the protest is simply a covert way for her to brag that she got hit on.”


    Attention is the emotional currency of women.

  12. Stephenie Rowling

    .”One kind of hoped for more sense and less manipulation from Atheists – but no – just as bad and delsuional as any old religionist.”

    Atheism can be practiced as delusional and intolerable as any religion. So yeah the herd is more powerful than any belief system, IME.

  13. 108spirits

    I used to describe myself as an atheist until these fools took over, so now I just say I have no religion.

    Regarding this chick, it reminds me of a night I went out with 7 female friends to a Salsa club. Those girls were of varying attractiveness, from hot to very much not. At the end of the night, we met up for some late snack and chatted about what happened, namely how we got hit on, or how we did the hitting on (in my case, although I got approached by some cougars as well). The nottie of the group was the loudest in complaining about how she got hit on, and those guys wouldn’t stop proposing sex. You could see her coming alive as she complained and whined about how much attention she got, in front of our unquestionably more attractive friends. Meanwhile, my BS alarm was ringing at 150dB.

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