The Wisdom Of Yohami

Musician and frequent Hooking Up Smart commenter Yohami just responded to a HUS reader with the following:

you’re no making sense bro

Does it get any more succinct than that? How many times have you typed out a lengthy counterargument to a blogger when these five words would have sufficed? I think this will become a category at the Hut.


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10 responses to “The Wisdom Of Yohami

  1. detinennui32


  2. How about this, we’ll have an interactive blog experiment. Put down the person you’d most like to say “YNMSB” to their face.

    I’ll start:

    Kay Hymowitz.

  3. lulzrcoaster.

    Yo’s tit’s.

    i know Yo post’s on susan’s site quite often, but i rarely go there.

    i agree on the YNMSB thing. it should be a category. lol.

  4. johnnymilfquest

    “White & Nerdy” from the “Omega Virgin Revolt” really deserves YMNSB.

    I also think that Ron Paul should say YMNSB to Ben Bernanke when he’s grilling him at the House Financial Services Commitee Hearings.

    [I follow US politics more than the UK only because the coverage is more transparent]

    I have some more controversial picks for YMNSB but I’ll keep those to myself.

    Female commenters on the manosphere often come under the headings YOHRL (“You’re only half right lady”) or YGTBG (“You got that backwards girl”).

  5. 1lettuce

    Gents, I think we’ve got a new meme here.

  6. Jesus Mahoney

    I like it, too. Even though he was saying YMNSB to me…..

  7. johnnymilfquest

    @Jesus Mahoney: Which comment of yours did Yohami say YMNSB to? The threads over at HUS can get a little epic sometimes.

  8. he was going like this for a minute: “girls who pay attention to players disgust me… so Im going to become a player”

  9. Jesus Mahoney

    True. That’s pretty much what I was saying.

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