Six Big Habits for Health

I don’t normally read the Puffington Host but I found myself linked to this article by Yale physician David Katz, M.D. entitled “Six Habits That Can Add Years to Your Life.”

  • Feet (be active)
  • Fork (eat right)
  • Fingers (don’t smoke; I personally would nominate play the guitar for this one as well)
  • Sleep (get enough and at the right times)
  • Stress (manage it) 
  • Love (happy relationships have health benefits, and he didn’t even mention the benefits of regular orgasm)

Katz claims that an active, properly-fed non-smoker reduces the risk of chronic diseases by 80%.

One item I’d add to this list in terms of wellness is working on something you’re passionate about. Maybe it’s your job; maybe it’s a weekend hobby; maybe you love cooking; maybe an hour of playing an instrument really lights your fire for the next day. Something more than paying the freight at work then coming home to deal with domestic duties (spouse, house, kids).

Here’s my advice to anybody looking for a good mid-year resolution, and let’s face it, you don’t need a holiday for permission to self-improve. Pick one of these items and make a serious improvement. Pick a bedtime and stick to it. Or give up your most damaging food habit (sugared-up coffee drinks, sodas, candy or potatoes?) Join a rec sports league or sign up for a 5K to make exercise part of your schedule. Or set aside time each day for that thing you really want to do long-term.

Toss off love for a second because that can’t be unilaterally forced, unless you are already in a relationship in which case dedicating yourself to improving that relationship is a good goal. I can think of a good set of tips on that one.

If you’re a guy, feeling and being healthier is going to enhance your game bigtime, and if you’re a woman, you’ll be more attractive to guys and more fit for LTR investment. And you’ll just feel better about yourself, a reward in its own right.


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7 responses to “Six Big Habits for Health

  1. VERY good post. my most damaging habit walks hand in hand with my PTSD. i drink WAY too much as a weak attempt to deal with the shit that comes with it. i’m really working on it and i do as much as i can can to maintain an otherwise healthy lifestyle, i eat well, excercize (i kind of have to) and read as much as i can.

    very good advice to pick one thing about your life and tweak it. you’ll REAP the benefit’s if you do.

    stay up.

  2. johnnymilfquest

    Badger, I think your addendum to that list is the only item that really counts.

    Do stuff that you feel passionately interested in. That you find totally absorbing.

    Without that, we become what the lyrics to Radiohead’s “Fitter, Happier” described as “a pig, in a cage, on antibiotics.”

  3. My Name Is Jim

    I’ve been on the health kick big time since last fall.  I am on:

    1. creatine (600 mg/day), 
    2. glutamine (1500 mg/day), 
    3. multivitamin,
    4. glucosamine & chondroitin, 
    5. vitamin c (2000 mg/day), 
    6. coenzyme Q10 (200 mg/day),
    7. omega supplement (5 g/day), 
    8. porcine thyroid (60 mg/day), 
    9. vitamin D3 (5000 IUs/day),
    10. DHEA (50 mg/day),
    11. melatonin to help me sleep, 
    12. 100 grams/day whey protein,
    13. digestive enzymes to help process the whey (I have a slow metabolism).  

    I am on 200 mg/week of testosterone cypionate and I do my own injections (it’s doctor-prescribed).

    It’s definitely making a difference, my bench has almost doubled and bodyfat is 14 percent and falling (I wanna get back into single digits this year).  Yet my overall weight has barely changed, so the muscle is definitely packing on.  I’m far and away the strongest I’ve ever been.  Libido is up too.

    If you’re over 35 and can spare a couple of grand a year to pay a good age management doctor, you’ve gotta get your T tested and see if you can get T optimization, it’s really great.  If nothing else it does plenty for self confidence.  It’s an investment in your game and your alpha, not just health.

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  5. kind of disheartening that there are so few REAL posts on this. eff being healthy, getting some natural sleep will do wonders.

    and i can’t type atm. kill me.

  6. NMH

    I think lifting weights could be added to the list; this gets important as you get older, as I think sometime after 30 you start losing 1-2 lbs of muscle per year if you do not weight train. Im in my mid 40’s, appear to be slender and in good shape, but a DEXA scan revealed that I was 33% bodyfat, so now Im on a serious weight training program. Excess fat is very dangerous; in my case, it was making my immune system too excitable and I was starting to get aliments that end with the suffix -isis.

  7. Looking Glass

    I normally suggest Marten’s stuff. If you don’t want to do the intermittent fasting, then he has lots of links to what’s actually important inside a diet & for training. You basically want to focus on free weights and then doing low-reps/high load.

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