What Modern Men Need To Hear

Detective Axel Foley lures two Beverly Hills stiffs to a nightlife establishment, and gives them a lesson in red-pill philosophy (0:34).

“You don’t have to be embarrassed if it gets hard. It’s supposed to get hard, that’s the whole object of this!” (A forward, virile masculinity isn’t something to be ashamed of.)

“Taggart is hard but he won’t let you know ’cause he’s the boss. Boss gotta stay limp, right?” (Men of magnanimous authority project a sexuality that is superficially suppressed, hidden from public view but still brewing beneath the surface for anyone who seeks to access it. In fact that very act of restraint itself belies extra masculine power, the ability to harness one’s libidinous drive for his own purposes rather than having it run his life.)

“I ain’t on duty, so I can be hard.” (Axel remind us that his game is on. Ironically, the “off-duty” detective foils a crime moments later, showing that he has blended his two sides and doesn’t live under the mutually-exclusive “Taggart duality.”)


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2 responses to “What Modern Men Need To Hear

  1. Jennifer

    Great post.

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