Blogging Under The Influence

Over the past half-day the most successful thread in Badger Hut history became a one-on-one coffee klatch blog bomb between Laverne and Shirley. Watching the discussion develop, all I could think of was this:


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16 responses to “Blogging Under The Influence

  1. HAHAHA her measurements are 48B (which means a small boob and a very broad back), 36, 29. She is shaped like the letter V. I laughed hard at this one.

    The thread in question reminds me quite a bit of some I’ve had – I just sit back and observe where they go. It can get pretty crazy. Off The Donkey Rails!

  2. “Do you have a regular booty call or do you have to go to a saloon and pick guys up?”

  3. She has visitation, so it’s all good.

  4. “Listen to you!”
    “How often do you get laid, Betty? We’re all curious…”

    The sarcastic, bemused tone of the host is classic Leykis, and very difficult to pull off without breaking character.

    Going back to your post on smiles, a man could do a lot worse than to effect a radio-interview shtick like this on a first date. It’ll keep him from smiling too much, for one, also will keep him from revealing too much about himself.

  5. I cannot begin to express the fierce joy this has brought to me.

  6. OffTheCuff

    48B-36-29 sounds like an NFL linebacker.

  7. Aldonza

    She’s a human ice cream cone.

  8. Can anybody procure me a photograph of a woman approximating a 48B-36-29?

    Is it possible she mixed up the hip and waist measurements?

  9. “Can anybody procure me a photograph of a woman approximating a 48B-36-29?

    Is it possible she mixed up the hip and waist measurements?”

    Yes, I think she has the cup size wrong too. Or perhaps she’s just making it up.

  10. I think it’s highly likely she was spewing drunky nonsense. I can’t even picture a real woman with those proportions. Her ribcage is almost twice the size of her hips! If she’s real, then her feet must be just a few inches long to complete the effect.

    Badger, being out with someone who needs lots of “Listen to you!” and “Reeeaaally” commentary is a huge red flag.

  11. But Susan, she isn’t drinking!

  12. Passer_By

    I found a photo of her.

  13. @Passer By
    That’s hilarious.

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