Regarding This Morning’s “Anything Goes” Post

Executive Summary: some of you were had, and might want to look up “sarcasm” in the dictionary.

In any event, the satiric point of the post was that there’s always a social cycle of decadence and morality. Social conservative and trad-con types seem to believe that pre-pill America was a uniform time of common morality and sexual continence (you could argue that feminists see an oppressive dystopia in the same uniform manner, that no woman ever had an orgasm or a job before 1960).

Even the most banal review of modern history shows the truth.

There were the booze- and sex-soaked roaring 20’s (Fitzgerald’s heydey),

the privation of the depression,

the patriotic war era,

stuffy postwar materialism,

then the societal adolescence of the 60’s,

the swinging (sexually at least) seventies,

then the decade of AIDS that shut off the spigot,

the safe sex era and “didn’t inhale.”

Now we’ve got the hookup culture and a bunch of boomer parents wringing their hands that their kids might be doing the same sexual adventuring they did in their young adult lives.

Now heaven knows, anything goes.


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14 responses to “Regarding This Morning’s “Anything Goes” Post

  1. Aldonza

    Just like every generation thinks that it invented sex…every older generation worries about the new one being too wild and unrestrained.

  2. Aldonza, I once told a girl it was the duty of our generation to “reinvent sex.”

  3. Aldonza

    Did she buy it?

  4. “Did she buy it?”

    If that line worked do you think I’d be writing a blog like this?

  5. Aldonza

    If that line worked do you think I’d be writing a blog like this?
    Good point.
    I once met a guy, single, early 40s, who looked me in the eye and told me that he never got married because he “just hadn’t found the right one yet.” I looked at him and then burst out laughing.
    “Do women really believe that?”
    He at least had the good graces to look sheepish before admitting that they usually do.

  6. It takes a precious and unique snowflake not to be fooled by that line.

  7. detinennui32

    **hangs head in shame**
    **walking away**

  8. Aldonza


    It takes a precious and unique snowflake not to be fooled by that line.

    Was that directed at me?

  9. It’s complicated.

  10. Eumaios, glad to see you here. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. I could live on only Badger, Dalrock, and Vox Day. When I’m traveling and away from my feed reader, I practically do.

  12. Eumaios,

    I cannot express my sense of flattery.

    Related: too bad Brendan went “man down” this week, but we (and others, and new ones) will pick up the slack. There’s been a lot of creative destruction in the manosphere since I started reading and commenting, and more since I started blogging. It is what it is.

  13. What happened with Brendan?

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