Game On Main Street

Sometimes less is more when it comes to game, especially if you are playing for your own amusement (which you should be anyway, because that’s how you detach outcomes from your ego.)

Neo gets his books for free at the library. Stuff that in your kindle.

I went to the library over the weekend to get some reading done; I seem to spend all of my reading time on the Internet when I’m at home. Sitting in the upper atrium, I noticed a woman with a colorful sack walk past the seating area. A few minutes later, the colorful bag reappeared coming in the same direction. (Obviously she had circled around the building interior.)

I initiated eye contact and said “wait, you already came this way…am I in the matrix?”

“Oh! Haha, no I went around in a circle…sorry to confuse you!”


As closing time neared, a library security woman trudged about alerting people to shut down their computers so as to get out on time. A schizophrenic vagrant who is a regulard started to pack up his scarf and notebook. The employee said to him “I’ll see you tomorrow, I’m sure.”

In perfect deadpan, the vagrant replied “I shut down MY computer.” (He obviously didn’t have one.) Miss Trunchbull laughed heartily.


On the way home I was carrying Athol Kay’s book with the title exposed. A dude in the elevator says “married man sex life, huh? So what’s his secret?”

“Pretty simple – you gotta make yourself a high-value man. ”

“Shit man, sounds great,” he said with the air of exhaustion you can always detect in the voices of exasperated husbands and boyfriends.

“You should check out his website, I think you might enjoy it.” I gave him the address, twice for good measure, and hoped one more man would come to the truth, for his own sake and for hers.


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8 responses to “Game On Main Street

  1. dannyfrom504

    i’ve just never been able to understand the self defeating attitude most men take on and allow to destroy thier relationships. how could someone have suc little sense of self worth. it’s fucking depressing. had a debate with some beta-douche at my local regarding gun laws in the US (i have a mossburg 500, glock 18, and supressed AK-47…..i’m in the military, don’t judge me. lol). i owned his ass in the arguement, then when i told him i wasn’t wasting anymore or effort to his attempt to “be a guy again”. the guys say, i swear to God, “good debate anyway.” and pust his fist out to fist-bump. he’s in his mid-late 40’s. i felt so sorry for him. i just knew he was some hen-pecked spineless suburban zombie. if i ever get that way, please come to new orleans and shoot me in the face. i’d appreciate it. lol.

  2. I adore the library, I go at least once a week. I started when I realized how much I was spending on books, now I get everything there. Sometimes I bring my laptop and work, other times I find a comfortable spot to read. The best is when it’s a rainy day outside and the library lighting and the books make it seem safe and cozy.

  3. modernguy

    [comment deleted. if you want to insult my friend’s wife do it somewhere else.]

  4. @modernguy: I think that you have identified the basic problem with marriage in the current legal framework.

    However, I wouldn’t be naive enough to think: “she’s all mine, she loves and appreciates me” with any woman.

    There are no guarantees of anything in life, least of all the good graces and affection of a woman.

    LTRs can only work if you take nothing for granted.

  5. “if i ever get that way, please come to new orleans and shoot me in the face. i’d appreciate it. lol.”

    I’ve been told there’s a lot of streetcorners in NOLA you can get that done for you without me having to book a plane ticket.

    Susan, I didn’t know it was poetry hour at the Hut.

    Workshy Joe,

    “LTRs can only work if you take nothing for granted.”

    Once people get the idea the other is “committed,” it’s easy to backslide into complacency. Witness all the BS floating around Boundless about how husbands are supposed to love their wives “no matter what” so it’s ok if they don’t put down the Oreos. We have a dating culture that encourages us to put on a fake face at first, accentuating this process.

    Not all people are like this, not everyone’s brain works in the constantly-reoptimizing “how do I get the most for me with the least amount of effort and the hell with everything else?” manner. Think of an investor who instead of cashing out when things are good wants to keep building the enterprise.

    Sorry to hear you’re hanging it up, hope you’ll still comment to help the n00bs get their game on.

  6. dannyfrom504

    “I’ve been told there’s a lot of streetcorners in NOLA you can get that done for you without me having to book a plane ticket.”
    good point, good point.

    [I’d be glad to come visit either way though.]

  7. dannyfrom504

    i’ll be there for 2 weeks in may to close on a lovely lass who eluded me on my last visit. she’s MINE this time around. lol. plus…….i haven’t paid the stable a visit since oct 2010.

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