Put That One On The To-Do List

From a comment at Athol Kay’s Married Man Sex Life:

“Regarding getting drunk, I don’t drink BUT I have been meaning to take it up.”

Makes me think of this guy.


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8 responses to “Put That One On The To-Do List

  1. dream puppy

    Drinking is awesome.

    [I can’t say I disagree.]

  2. collegeslacker

    Absolutely. FYI, take it or leave it, but I’m still drunk from last night, and what a night it was. Drinking > about everything else.

    One day, me and Fresh watched every possible video made about the Most Interesting Man and they are awesome. Touche Dos Equis.

  3. The Most Interesting Man In the World is a hilarious campaign, and quite honestly is a pretty good ideal to shoot for as a guy developing his game. I actually drink Dos Equis (not often, just like him) because I admire the spunk of the ads. I loved the one on wingmen – “it only takes one man to talk to a woman.”

    From a great Slate article on the topic:

    “So many ads for beer and spirits play on a young guy’s desperate quest to hook up with the hot chicks at the bar (as in the dopey new spots for Captain Morgan rum). The Dos Equis ads opt instead for an appeal to dudes’ self-conception, placing the focus on older gents who serve as models of masculinity.”

    Can’t you see a Roissy type character waxing this way at the card table in a few decades?

    “But the most interesting man hasn’t actually been conceived as a brand icon—a la Mr. Clean or Ronald McDonald. He’s more like a celebrity endorser. One who happens to be fictional. He doesn’t shill with brio for the simple reason that it would undercut his claim to awesomeness. The most interesting man in the world, by definition, would not be found enthusiastically endorsing a mass-market consumer product.”


  4. I love those ads as well.

    You might like this one… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2R7vfrnbp4&feature=related

    [No sheep jokes in that ad?]

  5. My Name Is Jim

    He once had an awkward moment … Just to see what it felt like.

    Stay thirsty my friends.

  6. collegeslacker

    On lady luck:

    Beware of a woman who only shows up when you are winning

  7. That may be the most perceptive one of them all. Talk about an expert reframing!

  8. MW

    I’d forgotten about these ads, they’re fantastic. Watched every one I could find on Youtube one day.

    “His mother has a tattoo that reads “Son.” and

    “His organ donation card also lists his beard.”


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