“Four Great Ways To End A Date”

Do you even have to read this article? It’s simple!

  • First base
  • Second base
  • Third base
  • Home

Why does pop culture have to overthink everything?

(image modified from http://www.signsbyyou.com/decals/graphic_colordecal_2577.htm)


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4 responses to ““Four Great Ways To End A Date”

  1. Tarl

    I thought the punchline was going to be, “Blowjob, blowjob, blowjob, blowjob.”

    [That could work too. Lotsa cocka is another good rejoinder.]

  2. collegeslacker

    Very nice picture. I lawled.

    That article you linked to has some real doozies. Offering a brunch date if your show gets sold out? A handshake for when you cant sack up and at least make a move for the kiss? It’s as if the advice is tailored to people who are way beta and want to make a very very marginal improvement. It’s better than nothing, I suppose, but the whole article could have instead been a mere hyperlink to Roissy. Or a 140 point font message saying “BE BOLD”.

  3. That’s a funny image. May I steal it?

  4. collegeslacker,

    I know, it’s amazing how it looks like they are trying to give bad dating advice. I think it’s less that they are that clueless and more that they have to write copy continuously, so it’s a race to the bottom in finding something original to say. The simplest, best advice is if you enjoyed the date, run some kino escalation (the game term for “getting fresh”) and ask for another one!

    Today’s lesson: don’t take pop-culture dating advice. It’s a sad statement of the times that the only good dating advice comes from gamers, because they are the only ones who understand both genders’ attraction systems.

    As for the brunch date, I always cook her breakfast the next morning.

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