What Men Want

One undergound mammal’s opinion.

A man wants…

…to be happy.

…his woman to be happy.

…his woman to be happy being with him.

Let’s go over those again.

  • To be happy: he gets to lead the life he wants, that makes him feel like a man and not a cog in the system, respected by his wife and children and with time for hobbies and R&R that maintain his self-image.
  • His woman to be happy: she is proud of and content with the life she has, without endless haranguing about what she doesn’t have.
  • His woman to be happy being with him: she is proud to be by his side, and proud of what they have built together.


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10 responses to “What Men Want

  1. Dan in Philly

    My 40th birthday just passing, my wife complained how difficult it is to get me a gift. I responded that was because I had everything I need to be happy already, which I believe is the same for all men:
    1) A roof over you head to be warm
    2) A hot meal to eat when hungry
    3) A hot woman to share his bed

    Having all three, the rest of the world can be as miserable as it wants to be and I can find happiness.

  2. Ha!

    It seems the best gift a woman can get a man is to appreciate him and make him comfortable.

    The best gift a man can give a woman is a DHV to make her tingle.

  3. Badger, I hesitate to admit this, but I got kind of teary when I read this post. It’s really lovely. I’ll say it again – a man with the mix of alpha and beta traits, which you clearly are, is the ultimate prize. All the moreso because it’s rare.

  4. TGP

    Good nutshell.

  5. Confidunce


  6. LS

    As Dennis Prager says: Man wants to be admired by the woman he loves; woman wants to be loved by the man she admires.

  7. Lovekraft

    Easier said than done when the man is fighting against woman’s interior hypergamy/moodiness/uncertainty, combined with a world that undermines him and his notion of family life.

    [It’s very, very difficult to deprogram from the self-absorption culture we live in. Scientific evidence for the social “catching” of divorce indicates how critical it is for a couple to choose friends and associates that reinforce rather than break down their lifestyle commitments.]

    But you did put it in the simplest and most accurate terms. All else, I say, flows from your three principles. Without these being established, it is nigh impossible to meet the other wants.

  8. Susan,

    “I hesitate to admit this, but I got kind of teary when I read this post.”

    What can I say, I’m a ladykiller.

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