Did Solomon II Moonlight as a Commercial Actor?

I think of him every time I see this “Even Angels Will Fall” ad campaign.

Funny how the Axe hygiene product ads portray women, young and MILF alike, as helplessly giving in to uncontrollable sluttitude when faced with a sweet-smelling man. Most ads are usually about how stupid guys are.

The late George Carlin had a routine about aftershave and cologne. I can’t find a clip but it went something like this:

“Why do we have to get in an elevator next to a guy who smells like a f%#^in’ pine tree? Some guys are stupid, guys think they’re going to get laid with this sh*@. You don’t get laid with green sh#$ that comes out of a bottle! The only thing that might get you laid is your own natural scent – you have pheremones, it’s a secondary sex characteristic.” Carlin closed the bit by noting that the French stereotype of eschewing deodorant might actually be a factor in Gallic men’s legendary seductive prowess.


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13 responses to “Did Solomon II Moonlight as a Commercial Actor?

  1. Dan in Philly

    What would the advertising industry be without Christianity? All of their successes are basically perversions of Christian morals, values, holidays, etc.. Without those, they cannot present anything worth rebelling against. They certainly cannot present rebellion against Islam (for obvious reasons) or Judaism (not enough adherents).

    Buy yeah, the axe woman – uncontrollably slutty in the face of the proper smelling man. About on the same level as the superhot models hanging out with the fact betas because of the beer they drink. Advertising will never change.

    [Angels who can be swayed by body scent are not particularly angelic. But this plays out in every frat and bar in America – who one would think were intelligent, capable, respectable women falling into the sack with any man who can spit a little bit of game.]

  2. Frost

    Axe body spray has been one of the top marketing success stories of the past decade. Their campaigns are unique in that they embrace masculinity (“Look at your man. Now, back to ME!”) and portray women as simplistic and easily manipulated. Coincidence? I think not.

    Regarding deodorant, I use it rarely. Ditto for soap, shampoo, suntan lotion, and pretty much anything else 99% of men slather on their bodies. Toxins, oestrogenics, pheremone-masking smells, and cluttered bathrooms – no thanks.

    [It’s a cartoonish, Jersey-Shore masculinity that says real men have to wear weird-smelling stuff. I don’t use that kind of stuff either.]

  3. The right cologne in the right amount on the right man will snap me out of apathy faster than you can say jackrabbit. Of course, the downside is that the wrong cologne in the wrong amount, especially on the wrong man, is a tingle-killer. Nobody wants to be assaulted with Drakkar. Also, cologne is not a substitute for a shower.

    But, as an anecdote to the power of cologne: when I was a freshman in college, I took a social dance course for my P.E. rotation and, of course, developed a crush on the one guy who could dance well. On the day I got to have him as a partner, I could smell his cologne on me for the rest of the day, which was easily the most erotic experience 18-year-old me had ever had.

  4. @Aunt Haley – True. I’ve gotten decent results from women by having the certain brand of cologne that perfectly matches my body chemistry and accents it a little bit when a small amount is used. It can definitely be a powerful thing. When me and my wife were dating there was a certain scent I used to wear that drove her wild.

    As far as the commercial, unfortunately Jersey Shore masculinity is what’s in right now. You can tell that by the number of random douchebags wearing UFC and Tapout shirts. A lot of posers out there.

  5. Haley, Samson –

    To quote the great philosopher Cosmo Kramer, the key word is tasteful. I like it when a girl wears a bit of perfume for a fancy event, it’s a sign of the formality of the evening. There’s a cultural association of modest fragrance and high class.

    Haley, I think the cologne served as Pavlovian conditioning – you associated his fortified scent with his being and it gave you the tingles.

    It’s just the idea that a man can spray on some smelly and have women drop their panties is consumerist bullshit. Probably has more to do with the fact that he’s in the 90th percentile in looks.

  6. I like the natural scent of a man’s skin, and I’ve never smelled a cologne I like better. Maybe a splash of witch hazel. I think the French have the right idea on this. In fact, I’ve seen research that says our obsession with eradicating body smells is hampering our ability to make good genetic matches in mating. Also, most people use a variety of products at once, including soap and shampoo, leading to some random mixture of scents.

    Frost, just curious – how do you get clean? I knew one woman who lived in Mexico City in a “green” home – no running water. She claimed that she cleaned her body adequately with a very hot rock. Ew.

  7. Paige

    I met my hubby in the military where we worked out together quite a bit. Maybe our B.O. caused the animal magnetism.

  8. Aldonza

    Ivory soap. Maybe a touch of sandlewood. A light touch with natural scents goes a lot further than dousing yourself in Axe.

    Personally, I tend to wear natural scents that blend with body chemistry.

  9. Anon

    Reminds me of Roissy’s brilliant idea for a cologne to be called ““Eau de Another Woman’s Vaj Juice On My Dick”.

  10. Mike C

    Axe is cheap garbage. Either spend the money for good stuff or just go clean unscented.

    Key thing to remember is women have better smell then guys so you don’t want to overdo it, and I’ve accidently done that at times. When you wear the same scent for a long time, you don’t pick it up on yourself as much.

    Here is my top 5 that I rotate through, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten “You smell so good”

    1. Fierce – Abercrombie
    2. Aqua Di Gio – Armani – yeah its old and overplayed, but bottom line it smells good
    3. Curve – Liz Claiborne
    4. Chrome – Azzaro
    5. Black Code – Armani

    Honestly, wearing the right cologne for your body chemistry is such an easy thing to improve your opportunities. My experience is smell is big deal to most women, and many women will actually open you with “you smell good, what are you wearing” and then just take the convo from there.

  11. Vish725

    I don’t think there are any hard-and-fast rules about scents or hygiene or image in general for guys. There are guys who bathe once a week that get laid like rockstars. Then there are guys who groom like girls (metrosexuals) who also get laid like rockstars even though they’re technically effeminate and common sense would say they shouldn’t be getting laid.

    Of course women will always say the standard “I like nice guys who are clean and smell good, not too much, not too little” etc – and that may be true – for the type of guy who they want for LTR’s – but not neccesarily for the type of guy they want to fuck (the kind of guy you want to be, not the LTR chump).

    What it comes down to is that women are attracted to status and the type of guys who are considered to be cool or in-style at the moment. So whatever these guys do/wear is going to be considered sexy, and women will simply backwards rationalize why they like it (giving some “smart” sounding explanation) but of course the real reason is simply the attraction to alpha status itself.

  12. The big mystery to me is why they called it “Lynx” in the UK and “Axe” in the USA. Its the same stuff.

  13. Lady Aroma

    I hope men don’t read this and get the idea their natural body sweat smells sexy. Not all body odors were created equal. Some men do smell sexy with a little sweat – some men don’t.

    I’m not a fan of deoderants and anti-persperants myself. However if you are going to go that route you must shower more than once per day or keep some lemon wedges with you to smoot over your pits or something. Perhaps pat on some corn startch or use a natural and organic deoderant from the health food store.

    Shaving or waxing your pits also helps.

    I don’t like chemical colognes though sometimes they do smell good if used in moderation. I do however like natural oils. There are many natural oils that smell delicious on men.

    Scent is definetly an aphrodesiac so I wouldn’t rule it out altogether.

    [Who am I to argue with Lady Aroma?]

    As far as the commercial. Advertising is about appealing to repressed irrational drives. It is based on Freudian theory and psychoanalysis and has been since WWI when Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays was hired by the US government as well as US business corporations to sell both “democracy” and products.

    [Whose irrational drives are at play in this ad? Men’s or women’s? Looks like both.]

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