Props to the Award Winners

Congratulations are in order for some my muses. Athol Kay’s Married Man Sex Life, Susan Walsh’s Hooking Up Smart, Ferdinand Bardamu’s In Mala Fide, Dalrock and the inimitable Roissy (or “Citizen Renegade” for the Johnny Come Latelys) were all named to’s list of Top 100 Blogs of 2010.

I can only hope to live up to Ferd’s call: “kids, don’t ever let anyone tell you that being inflammatory and iconoclastic won’t get you anywhere.”

Keep up the good work!


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2 responses to “Props to the Award Winners

  1. Thanks, Badger! It looks like someone over at Brainz enjoys hanging out in our particular corner of the internet….

  2. Thanks for the props and link love, much appreciated.

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